Frugal Accomplishments

Frugal Things

1. Plants on sale

I was shopping at Kroger, and they had a shopping cart of plants on sale that were a part of their holiday gift section. I found two cute planters with a healthy succulent in each for just $2. **They also had orchids for $6, but I am practicing keeping the easier plants alive before I move onto those.

2. Holiday clearance

My sister picked up ten cookie tins for 25 cents each for me while I was sick. I love to give edible gifts for Christmas, so I always scoop up these to store for next year after the holidays. **These are of course empty tins, I wouldn’t give year old cookies as gifts!

3. Car battery

We had really cold temps for North Alabama and my husband’s battery did not survive. Unbeknownst to us, his battery is a pain to take out! We were still recovering from Covid, so my dad (bless him) came over and removed the battery and replaced it. I’m glad we had him do it, because he is a very skilled handyman, and it took him a good 30 minutes to get it out, so it would have taken me quite longer. This saved us time and energy, and it is way cheaper to replace a battery yourself rather than taking it into the dealership.

4. Plant hangers

I decided to hang my new succulents in front of a window, and I needed some plant hangers. Luckily, I already had yarn, ceiling hooks, and a metal ring so I whipped up a nice one in a short amount of time. **Macrame sounds harder than it is, but you can make a real simple plant hanger rather easily just with a series of well place knots.

5. Shimming a door

One day last week, our bedroom door just decided it was not going to shut for some reason. After taking out the screws in the hinges and replacing them with longer ones, it was still being stubborn. Google saved the day! Apparently, doors can settle over time and a simple shim wedged between the door frame and the hinge can be an easy solution. For just $2 I solved the problem, thanks to watching a handyman fix a similar issue online.

So basically my week involved: plants, DIY projects, and impromptu home improvements….sounds about right!

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