2022 Goals

2022 Goal Updates Week 1

Walk 500 miles this year (10 miles down, 490 to go)

We had the dreaded Covid right between Christmas and the New Year, so our holiday week was not so fun. But thanks to vaccines, getting the Omicron variant, and general good health, none of us suffered too much. All this to say…..I managed (between naps) to get in my ten miles this past week. We all went on walks at a local park (we only saw a couple of people out walking, so I don’t think we contaminated anyone!) I also did a few BodyFit by Amy videos on Youtube.

Go on 12 hikes

We didn’t get to go on any true hikes this week because of the weather and us getting over our illness, but we have plans to venture out soon.

Teach the kids to cook

This week, Ben helped me make dinner one night. I grilled the meat because he is not a fan of raw meat, but everything else he made. We had grilled pork chops, fried apples, macaroni and cheese, and steamed green beans. He was so happy that people were eating his food and that it turned out well!

Read 100 books

Dark Matter: A Novel
The Guest List: A Novel

I’ve read two books so far in my challenge: Dark Matter and The Guest List. I really enjoyed both books. In Dark Matter, a physicist gets kidnapped and taken into an alternate universe where he is living a different life. And it only gets weirder from there if you can believe it! He spends the whole book jumping into different worlds trying to find his way back to his family. Really good book overall. **Violence and some sexual scenes are scattered throughout.

The Guest List is a brilliant suspense novel. The book opens with a possible body being found on a remote island (we do not know if it is a real body or who it is until the end) You soon find out that a wedding party is staying on this island and there are a lot of hard feelings and secrets being kept amongst the friends. The author brilliantly builds suspense into the story by taking us into multiple point of views and then we even receive flash backs before and after the body is found. It really keeps you guessing until the end. I gave it four stars!

Visit 12 museums or artistic events

Not yet

Attend adoration each week

We were still in our quarantine stretch when the adoration was occurring, so I missed it this week:(

Attend a daily mass each week

Quarantine excuse again….

Take my kids on an outing by themselves each month

Not yet

Buy more used things

Ben found a cool machine gun (He just informed me that it was a M-16 assault rifle….) that vibrates, makes gunfire sounds, and lights up for just $2 and a realistic toy artillery cannon that makes shooting noises at the thrift store($1) He was ecstatic! Emma found a collapsible tunnel for her cats ($3) and a book ($1) to add to her collection.

Do more embroidery projects

I’m too lazy to track down and photograph the completed projects!!

I am currently finishing up a floral embroidery scene, but the two cat patterns (that you can see in the picture above) I finished during my quarantine. Emma got the pink pot one and Ben claimed the yellow pot one for his room. I’m glad they love my “sanity projects”!

How are your goals going? Did Covid strike your house too?

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