Frugal Accomplishments

Frugal Things

Kid’s bulletin

I stumbled upon this cool resource this past week and quickly printed off 100 for the kids at our church. The site is called The Kids’ Bulletin and it’s free! It’s basically activities for kids to do based on the Sunday bible readings and saint days for the week. I saw a lot of kids grabbing one on the way out the door after mass, so I think they were a hit. All you have to do is print and fold.

Look to Him and be Radiant

This image is from her site, but we used this one as a craft for VBS and the kids loved it!

Another free resource site I have loved lately is called Look to Him and be Radiant. It’s a Catholic educator blog and she posts freebies all the time. They are very high quality, both in content and design. A sister from a local convent highly recommended her site and several of the books she has written. They were all wonderful.

Free lunches

One of the perks of working at a church is that someone is always trying to feed you. We get fruit, pastries, and meals given to us pretty often. When you add in the lovely Hispanic coworkers that have a love language of feeding people…..the results are delightful. I’ve had homemade tortillas, quesadillas, and countless other meals over the past few months. I think I chose my profession wisely!!

Free school supplies

The school where my son is going to attend had boxes of old school supplies that they had left over from previous years set out for the VBS kids to take. I grabbed crayons, paper, glue, pens, et cetera, for our own stash and to use in our religious education classes in the fall. They also had a few reusable grocery bags that will be perfect for toting supplies to classes.

Free tickets

Not my picture.

I mentioned earlier that I saw Cinderella three times this past week. Two of those times, the tickets were free. I got to see the last dress rehearsal on Thursday, used my two complimentary tickets on Friday, and then my sister bought my last ticket on Sunday (I will pay her back by buying her ticket to see Rent this upcoming weekend) We also got free tickets to visit the US Space and Rocket Center this week. UAH has a STEM program that gives out free tickets once a year in the summer for families. This year they chose the Rocket Center as the museum of choice. We have been several times over the past few years, but I will never turn down free tickets!

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