Learning with Pinterest-Native Americans

A few weeks ago, we saw a wonderful production of Peter Pan at Grissom High School in Huntsville, Alabama. Ben loved the scenes with Tiger Lily so much that we decided to study Native Americans during history for the month of April. Between Pinterest and the local library we found a lot of great books… Continue reading Learning with Pinterest-Native Americans


Learning with Pinterest-Ancient Greece

This week, we continued our exploration of ancient civilizations by learning all about Ancient Greece.  As usual, Pinterest was full of great ideas to try out, so we picked a few and had a really fun, educational time.  Our library also had a nice selection of books on many topics related to Ancient Greece, so… Continue reading Learning with Pinterest-Ancient Greece


Learning with Pinterest-Ancient Egypt

We started a new year of homeschool last week and now we have a 2nd grader and a high schooler in our house....which makes it all a little crazier! (Homeschooling in high school is way different than middle me..)  While Emma is trudging along with her massive high school course load, Ben and I… Continue reading Learning with Pinterest-Ancient Egypt

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Learning with Pinterest-Chinese New Year Edition

We love learning about other countries' cultural traditions and celebrations, so this year we decided to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  Luckily, the library had lots of cute books on the subject and as always, Pinterest had lots of fun ideas to celebrate the holiday. These are the books we enjoyed the most: PoPo's Lucky… Continue reading Learning with Pinterest-Chinese New Year Edition


Learning with Pinterest-Groundhog Day

Since Groundhog day was this week, we decided to learn all about groundhogs in science and make a few fun crafts for art. Interesting facts we learned about groundhogs: 1. We learned that groundhogs are related to squirrels. 2. The people who love groundhogs are called marmotophiles and scientists who study groundhogs are called marmotologists.… Continue reading Learning with Pinterest-Groundhog Day


Learning with Pinterest (Snow edition)

This week we had a snow day, so we decided to focus our science and art on all things snow related, like polar bears, the Arctic, snowmen, and Eskimos.  Luckily, between Pinterest and our library we had a ton of really cute ideas to choose from. Books we read: Snow Bear by Jean Craighead George: … Continue reading Learning with Pinterest (Snow edition)