Things making me happy lately

Fully celebrating Lent

I remember hearing a sermon about how you should seek the sacraments more often to grow your faith and those words just ran off of me like water. How can going to mass (more often than once a week) and confession (more than twice a year) really grow my faith?? Seems like a lot of extra work. Well people……..immersing yourself in the sacraments more often does in fact grow your faith! I know you are shocked. But bathing in the Holy Spirit, experiencing the Eucharist frequently, does in fact bring you closer to God and makes you crave being in His presence even more. I thought I would get burned out….but nope. The more I receive the sacraments, the more I crave them and see their beauty. This year, my family made a pledge to attend all the Holy Week services we could and we succeeded. We attended Holy Thursday and got to see the holy oils being blessed as well as our priest washing the feet of 12 church members. On Good Friday, we got to attend the Stations of the Cross at 3pm and the Veneration of the Cross service that night. Both were beautiful and a great way to remember Christ’s sacrifice. Easter Vigil Mass is a beautiful thing to behold. Getting to see all the new members coming into the church and experiencing all the glorious chants was simply amazing. Then to cap it off, Easter morning service was glorious. It is always joyful and triumphant to see the church overflowing with people coming to worship together. Seek God more often in your week. Visit Jesus in adoration. Receive Jesus at mass. Go to Church. Immerse yourself in the Holy Spirit. Happiness will surely follow those who love the Lord.

My daughter

My daughter is simply amazing. Her personality has really been shining lately. I love her willingness to read at mass and jumping into help whenever the need arises. She is my church buddy and my accountability partner. Emma makes sure that I recognize when the devil is attacking me and encourages me to be faithful to God even when I struggle to find the energy. I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that she is graduating next month (!!!) but I do a happy dance when I remember that she is choosing to stay home and attend college virtually. I get to spend more time with her before she flies away, and this makes me extraordinarily happy.

Rice cookers….get one!

I have always hated cooking rice. It either boils over or it burns on the bottom. Enter the humble rice cooker. This appliance is amazing!! All the stress is gone. Pour in the rice. Add water. Flip a switch. Boom! Rice is served. Best investment ever. **I should have listened when one of my Chinese friends told me that they are deemed so necessary that apartments almost always come with one in China.

What’s bringing you happiness lately??

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