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A Year of Picture Books (Late April-May)

There are so many wonderful picture books out there right now that my son and I decided to give ourselves the challenge of reading as many as we can for the rest of the year. This all started because I was a little sad to move onto strictly chapter books with Ben because, isn't it… Continue reading A Year of Picture Books (Late April-May)


A Year of Picture Books (April)

We found quite a few gems to add to our picture book series this month. Every single book we picked out features a woman (which was not intentional!) We learned about an awesome female architect who used nature as inspiration for her designs, an invention that made the Queen of England more comfortable while sea… Continue reading A Year of Picture Books (April)


A Year of Picture Books (Late February-March)

We had another great month of picture books. We learned about inventors, authors, human rights advocates, and naturalists. If you think that picture books are just for young would be wrong! I get just as much from these books as my nine year old does and we get to enjoy learning about these amazing… Continue reading A Year of Picture Books (Late February-March)


A Year of Picture Books (January & February)

Here are some of our favorite picture books that we read in the months of January and February. Ocean Meets the Sky is a beautiful book that tells the story of a young boy who goes searching for a magical world that his grandfather told him about where the ocean meets the sky. The artwork… Continue reading A Year of Picture Books (January & February)


Learning with Pinterest-Groundhog Day

**Reposting this cute post from a few years back. Happy Groundhog’s Day! Since Groundhog day was this week, we decided to learn all about groundhogs in science and make a few fun crafts for art. Interesting facts we learned about groundhogs: 1. We learned that groundhogs are related to squirrels. 2. The people who love… Continue reading Learning with Pinterest-Groundhog Day


Our Homeschool Plans for 2020-21

"Man plans, and God laughs" - old Yiddish Proverb This basically sums up my entire life (including homeschool) If you look at any of my personality types seeking input, planning, and trying to keep everyone happy always ranks in my top five attributes. Is it a coincidence that pride is my biggest downfall? Probably not.… Continue reading Our Homeschool Plans for 2020-21