2021 Goals

Goal Updates for Week 6

1. Walk at least 500 miles this year (60 miles down and 440 to go)

This week I walked outside and then did kettlebell, Pilates, and dumbbell workouts thanks to Bodyfit by Amy on YouTube. **Its free and fabulous!

2. Yoga/meditation 2x week

I did one meditation session this week.

3. Read more nonfiction and classic books

I have read a ton of fiction lately, so I need to do better at this before the month ends!

4. Keep a gratitude journal

This week I was thankful for:

  • That my father’s doctor caught a heart issue before it caused something terrible to happen. Having to take a few pills is way better than having a massive stroke!
  • Our area is about to have some icy weather over the next few days, so I am very thankful the stores still had plenty of milk and bread when I went this morning. We live in Alabama so all the memes about milk and bread are 100% true…..I actually only got bread, but the milk section was stocked full still:)

5. Try one new recipe each week

I tried out a new sheet pan meal. Basically you throw together broccoli, baby potatoes, smoked sausage, drizzle it with oil, sprinkle Cajun seasoning on it, and bake it in the oven. Delicious and easy!

6. Do more things as a family

We went on a hike at Natural Bridge Park and were amazed that we lived so close to something so neat.

7. Buy more used items

We actually stayed out of the thrift store this week, so no used or new items were bought.

Estimated savings for the year: $45

8. Take my children on monthly outings by themselves

Not yet

9. Finish my 2019 NaNoWriMo novel

Doing some edits on my past few chapters before moving on.

**If you would like to check out my last novel, Murder at Kelsey Hall, its available to purchase on Amazon as an eBook (or if you have Kindle Unlimited, it is currently free to read with your subscription)

10. Volunteer more

I sat with my dad in the ER for five hours so my mom didn’t have too.

How is your week going??

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