Frugal February 2021

Frugal February Week 3

I will have to say that this is by far the easiest and most painless Frugal February we have ever had. Thanks to a major ice storm (and a snow event right after) we were stuck at home for most of the week. The kids got to play in the snow, eat icicles, and make slushies for four straight days. I was lucky to get out on Wednesday before the next round of snow hit, so we had food and got to eat our favorite things. But the biggest blessing of all was that the power stayed on the whole time! Being at home of course saved us money because we were not tempted to eat out or visit stores during the nasty weather. So I have plenty of money left in all catergories…which is always nice.

This was the ice storm portion of the week. The kids were so disappointed because there was no snow, but they love icicles so that helped a bit.

Then on Ash Wednesday, we started to get a little snow, so the kids took the cats out to play in it.

Then when we woke up the next morning we got three additional inches, so the snowball fights ensued. As you can see from the pictures Emma doesn’t take it easy on Ben because he is littler…..

Fun in the snow: $0

Here is a breakdown of my spending for the week:


Week 1: $100

Week 2: $52

Week 3: $146

Money left: $102

Eating out money

Week 1: $24

Week 2: $0

Week 3: $5

Money left: $21

Fun money

Week 1: $11.50

Week 2: $9.75

Week 3: $0

Money left: $28.75

How is your Frugal February going? Hope you stayed warm this week!

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