Frugal February 2021

Frugal February (Week 1 & 2)

These were relatively painless weeks as far as Frugal February goes. We kept our spending to a minimum and managed to have some fun along the way as well.

Free food

My husband attended a retreat and came back with a ton of food that they were going to throw away (!!!!) Since he was the only one who was not flying home, he was happy to bring it home with him in the car. We received a huge package of sliced cheese, two bags of frozen chicken thighs, four bags of grapes, three bags of oranges, four bags of apples, three containers of coffee (the good kinds like Starbucks, Gevalia, and Community Coffee), a large bag of spinach, and two dozen eggs. I will always say yes to good food!

Cost: $0

A Hike

We took a hike with our Charlotte Mason homeschool co op to Natural Bridge, AL. It was a beautiful hike with steep hills and an amazing natural land bridge.

Cost: $8.50 (admission) and $3 (souvenir….I have started collecting magnets from the places we visited, so that was a guilty pleasure and not a necessity)

Dinner out

Since my daughter works at Cracker Barrel we decided to do take out from there because she gets a really good discount on food. That was a very long day and I was happy to press the easy button.

Cost: $24

Valentine treats

My mother in law came up to visit with us and dropped off treats for the kids. She brought candy, gum, and Chick fil A gift cards for the kids to enjoy.

Cost: $0

Thrift store finds

My husband has been needing new shirts, so I was happy to find two shirts in great condition at the thrift store for $3 each. I also got Ben a t-shirt for $3 and a board book to give as a baby gift for $.75.

Cost: $9.75

Bath and Body Works

My mom received a B&BW coupon in the mail for a free item that she didn’t want, so I swung by the store and picked out something for myself. I ran out of my favorite lotion a few months ago, so I was happy to replace it with something new.

Cost: $0

Electrical Work

My kind father came over to replace six outlets in my house that were not working anymore. I tried to pay him, but he refused, so I thanked him instead! I plan on bringing over some pumpkin bread later in the week, because I know he will accept that:)

Cost: $0

Money spent so far in the challenge:


Week 1: $100

Week 2: $52

Money left: $248

Eating out:

Week 1: $24

Week 2: $0

Money left: $26

Fun money:

Week 1: $11.50

Week 2: $9.75

Money left: $28.75

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