Family Fun

Frugal Summer Fun Challenge 2020 (Week 2)

We found quite a few things to do last week and here they are:

1. Ice Cream 

Double Fudge Cookie Dough Blizzard

We were running errands in a nearby town and just so happened to have B1G1 Blizzard coupons, so we grabbed a few for the kids to enjoy on the way home. **We were buying a used Rock Band instrument set for our Wii, so it was a fun errand as well:)

2. Library

Our library opened its building up a few weeks ago, so we headed out to peruse the shelves this past week. While it has been nice to get curbside pickup, nothing beats finding a hidden gem on the shelves. Another bonus was that the kids got to talk to our two favorite librarians, Ms. Anna and Ms. Mary, for a bit. They are both introverts, so they admitted that they had been loving the quarantine, but missed seeing all of the kids. **As a fellow introvert, I totally understand. I could happily be quarantined forever, but since I have two extroverted kids….nope.

3. Moon gazing and scooters (and being attacked by gnats….)

Emma has been taking Astronomy this summer as a distance course via our local community college. One of the projects was to study the moon for ten nights. The professor explained how they could use their hands as a measuring tool to get all sorts of measurements which was really cool. Since our house is surrounded by trees, we headed to our local elementary school playground to walk, scooter, and do a little moon gazing. **On a side note: we got attacked by swarms of gnats so we had a really up close nature experience as well. Luckily they were not the biting variety!

4. Sonic

Old picture, but this is basically how he eats them:)

Sonic had their mozzarella sticks on sale again for $.99, so of course we made sure to take advantage of that great deal while we were out thrift store shopping. Fried cheese…yes please!




How was your week? Did you do anything especially fun and frugal with your family?


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