Family Fun

Frugal Summer Fun Challenge Week 1

My daughter is turning 15 next week (she was just three yesterday!) and I feel that time is slipping through my fingers in regards to how many carefree summer days we will have with her in the next few years. So we are challenging ourselves this summer to finding ways to have fun together, but still keep to a frugal budget of $10 a week for any  activities that we can think up.

Here is what we did this past week:



We went swimming at my sister’s house again. The day started out cool and windy, but luckily the sun came out after awhile. We ate lunches that we packed from home and brought cookies to share with my niece and nephew. **Emma had an especially fun time because my sister’s birds decided that they were not scared of her anymore and ate chip crumbs off of her shoulders.


Krispy Kreme doughnuts

It was National Doughnut Day on Friday, so our local Krispy Kreme was offering a free doughnut for each customer who came into the store that day. We very rarely get doughnuts, so the kids were very happy to get a delicious treat and I was happy that it was 100% free.


Vacation Bible School

My kids have been gone part of this past week visiting their grandparents in Auburn and attending their church’s VBS. I have heard that they have went to parks, washed cars, visited the mall, played putt-putt, and eaten out at many different restaurants. So basically they have been having a ton of fun at no cost to me (yay!) which means that I can share this in the Summer Fun Challenge:)





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