Family Fun

Frugal Summer Fun Challenge Week 2 & 3

We have been very busy for the past two weeks with a big birthday (turning 15 entails a lot of additional things like dual enrollment classes and learner’s permits…) and a ton of play practices (Annie Get Your Gun is so much fun), but we still have managed to have a ton of fun on a really low budget of $10 a week.

Week 2

Splash pad

On a particularly boring day, my husband and I took my son to play at the Delano Park splash pad followed by the park afterwards to dry off before heading home. We then made slushies at home using Kool-Aid and a ton of ice in our blender.

Cost: $0



Wednesday is the only day we do not have other activities planned, so we try to have a real family dinner that night (not just a rushed one like usual) Last week, I chose to have a Asian-themed dinner so I make Korean Beef at home and then picked up sushi for me and my husband at Kroger for a treat. **Ben said no to both meal options so I cut up his chicken, cheese, and pears in small chunks and he practiced using chopsticks to eat with instead. Choose your battles, right??

Cost: $10

Week 3



Once again we redeemed two free sandwich coupons to Whitt’s BBQ while running errands with the kids, so they got to enjoy lunch out for basically free. (Sweet tea is a must with these sandwiches, so I picked up a large tea for them to share)

Cost: $2



Our library was hosting a rock and fossil program so we took advantage of this fun learning event this week. In addition to learning about the local rocks found in our area, the kids got to dig in a sand pile to collect a few gemstones for themselves using sifters like real miners use. They also sent us home with a little brochure that helps you to identify each gemstone or rock. Both of my kids spent a good amount of time trying to identify each item. I have a feeling that we will be using these rocks in our homeschool classes this fall. **A bonus was that since my daughter volunteered at the event, she and the other volunteers got to take home whatever was left in the bottom at the end as a thank you.

Cost: $0


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