Frugal Accomplishments

Frugal Things

1. Costumes


We were technically looking for Ben a costume, but instead we came across two really great costumes for Emma at the thrift store this week. One was a dragon costume that was in pristine condition so I figured that she could either wear it for Halloween or save it for a future play (at just $2 I was willing to be flexible) The other costume needed a little work, but this queenly dress was still priced at a very reasonable $5, so with a little mending, it should be ready to go for plays or Halloween as well.

2. Homeschool stuff


We switched from Horizons math to Saxon math this year for Ben (To put it mildly, Horizons math is soul sucking for the math haters of the world!). I was happy to scoop up two textbooks for just $1 each at a yard sale. We also found binders and packs of tennis balls for just 25 cents and a cute Star Wars lunch bag for $1.

3. T-shirts


We recently weeded out some of Ben’s older (and smaller) shirts from his closet (I swear I am raising a future linebacker!) So to cushion the sting of letting go of some of his favorite shirts, we headed to the thrift store and found some pretty good replacements for just $1.99 each.

4. Good things come to those who wait


My son had been looking at Millennium Falcon playsets awhile ago to use with his Star Wars mini-figures, but they were priced way more than I wanted to pay. So like usual, I told him to just wait and we would probably find one at the thrift store for just a couple of dollars. This of course never goes over well, but low and behold, we found one for just $1.99 this past week! He was really happy with this find. When we got home I made sure to look up what they go for on Amazon and he was shocked at our great deal.

**We have also had similar successes in finding a much wanted Batman playset and a WWE wrestling ring at the same thrift store over the past few years so it was not a fluke.

5. Décor


My daughter has been amassing quite the costume collection lately, so she was happy to find this pretty chest at a yard sale for just $20. It also matched the color scheme of her room so that was an added bonus. **Oh and she paid for it herself…so yay for me.


The only thing I bought for myself was this set of tree paintings. The lady had them marked for $3 each, but seeing my indecision, she said I could have them all for just $5. So I of course said yes and now, I have three pretty paintings to liven up my bedroom.

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