Blessings This Week

1. Swim class

My youngest is a very reluctant swimmer (unless he can use his floaties) so I enrolled him in swim class to help move his progress along.  Much to my surprise, the swim instructor believes in the principle of full immersion as the best way to learn how to swim. So on his very first class they had to swim out to the deep end (using a pool noodle) and jump off of the diving board!  She also expected them to retrieve swim rings off of the floor of the shallow end.  Needless to say, Ben said she was trying to kill him and he almost drowned twice:)  **He is very melodramatic

The blessing in this story is that I do not have to teach him to swim!  My kids know how to push all of my mothering buttons and exactly what to say to get me to cave in, so luckily this swim instructor is immune to his persuasiveness.

Evidence:  His instructor got him to jump off of the side of the pool during his first class (He totally refuses to do it for me)  He also let the swim instructor dunk him underwater THREE times to show him it was ok if his face got wet (it was a total no go when I tried it)

A total blessing and worth every penny:)

2. Surprise Tax return

I know I mentioned this in my Five Frugal Things, but I count this as a huge blessing for my family.

This week, I received a notice from the IRS informing me that I would be receiving a check in the mail due to an error (totally my fault) on my 2017 tax return.  At first I was skeptical and thought no way could I have made such a huge mistake, but upon further inspection, I realized that I somehow came up with an outrageously high number for the tax we owed for the year.  (I still cannot think of how I came up with that number because it is not even on any of the tax tables…believe me I checked!)  But thankfully the wonderful accountants at the IRS caught a huge mistake and I received back the money I paid the government plus the amount they owed me AND $20 of interest since they kept my money for a few months (which I feel bad for accepting because it was totally my fault!)

3. Totus Tuus

This week my daughter was blessed with attending Totus Tuus at our church.  Basically it is a VBS for Catholic teens and involves testimonies, adoration (sitting in the presence of the Eucharist), Confession, and tons of fun games.  Emma really enjoyed this event because most years our church only offers VBS to elementary-aged kids and overlooks the teens.  This year, she got to listen to two monks, three missionaries, and one seminarian that shared with the group their personal faith stories, which included one particularly moving immigration story that brought her to tears.  We are blessed to live in America.

What blessings did you receive this week?

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