Frugal Accomplishments

Five Frugal Things

1. Made all of our dinners at home

Considering I had a meeting or an errand to run during or around dinner time each night, I count that as an accomplishment!

2. Thrift store finds

We found a pair of black pants and a black shirt for my daughter to use as part of her costume in a play she will be in this week for just $5 at the thrift store. (She is playing the pepper crazy Cook in Alice in Wonderland)

My son found four t-shirts to add to his dwindling collection for just $1.50 each and also a nice pair of swim trunks to use next month when the waterpark opens.  I was very pleased to find the teacher’s edition of a World Literature textbook for just $1.50, which will make planning for high school much easier:)

3. First Communion gifts

The kids that I teach at Sunday school are celebrating their First Communion this week, so I wanted to get them a little present to make them feel special.  Since all of my students are of Hispanic heritage, I decided to make each student, an Our Lady of Guadalupe medallion necklace. (14 Medals + 30 feet of thin ribbon=14 happy kids)

I also had the children color some religious bookmarks that I printed off a few weeks ago and laminated them at home to make a memorable keepsake of our time together. **Of course, I made them a little candy bag to go with the two small gifts because that is what they always look forward to!  So everyone was happy and I spent less than $2 on each student, which made my pocketbook happy:)

4.  Fuel points

I remembered to use my Kroger fuel points before they expired on the first, so I saved $0.20/gallon, yippee!

5. Kroger deals

There were so many great deals at Kroger this past week that I cannot possibly list them all, but I do remember that they had chips, cereal, cheese, low carb ice cream, and chicken tenderloins on sale for amazing prices. **We will not discuss how much money was spent, but at least my pantry and fridge are full now…..

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