My Week

Weekly Recap (5.7.2020)

Into the Wilderness: A Novel Kilmeny of the Orchard

What I read: This week I finished Into the Wilderness and started Kilmeny of the Orchard. I am always amazed at how many books L.M. Montgomery wrote that I had never heard of! Thank you Amie for lending this one to me:)

Emma (15 years old) is reading The Little House on the Prairie series.

Ben (8 years old) is reading The Mouse and the Motorcycle, Max Crumbly Masters of Mischief, and The Hobbit (our read aloud).

What I watched:  House Hunters International and Parks and Recreation

Struggles this week:

-We have been struggling with attitudes this week. One of my children overreacts to everything they do not want to do (and I have to admit its somewhat funny when I am looking back on it) Like when I tell them to go jump on the trampoline before they eat dinner, this child will dramatically claim, “Oh, I guess you just want me to starve!” or “I have to work to eat??” But it is very grating on my nerves….

Blessings this week:

-My church reached out to me about starting back up our youth group virtually. So I have been planning different ways to keep us all connected while we are being apart. **One of my ideas was to have a kind of competition where I post a list of things the teen can get points for accomplishing during the week like watching an inspirational video, saying a rosary, doing a kind deed, etc. and then mailing the person with the most points a small gift weekly (or dropping it off at their house if they are local) Luckily everyone is in the same boat, so there are a ton of virtual group activities out there.


-My mom gave me a Catholic lectionary this week (A lectionary is a bound copy of all the readings that our church does over a three year cycle) At first I didn’t think I would use it much, but I noticed if I leave it on my table overnight, I tend to open it to the daily mass readings while I eat breakfast in the mornings. So thank you Mama!

Something I was happy to accomplish this week:

-My husband took my car in for its scheduled maintenance. (Its something I hate to do)

-Emma finished up all of her college exams (I count this as one of my accomplishments because I am her emotional support animal person)

There are only five here because my mom stole one!

-I made six masks for people in my extended family. I will say that once you find your rhythm and get everything cut out, you can crank them out in 5-7 minutes.

Two of my favorite posts from the week:

Image may contain: one or more people, possible text that says 'Always pray to have Helen Barry eyes that see the best in people, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad, and a soul that never loses faith in God. Helen √ Barry'

I struggle with this daily…especially the forgiveness part:(


Image may contain: possible text that says 'Ah Perry the Platypus I've seen you discovered my newest invention the oice-Inhead inator. With this devicei will translate my voice into everyone's head while they read this across the whole Tri-State-Area!'

**Did you say it like Doctor Doofenshmirtz in your mind?? I did:)


Stay safe and try to keep on laughing!



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