2022 Goals

Goal Updates for Week 10

Walk at least 500 miles this year (93 miles down, 407 to go)

I finally made it back to the gym this week, but somehow hit the wrong button on the elliptical before I plopped my iPad on the screen. I figured this out when I felt like I was dying after 8 minutes….I was on level 7!!!! I also walked outside and did Bodyfit by Amy videos on Youtube.

Go on 12 hikes this year(2 down)

Joe Wheeler State Park/Mt. Cheaha State Park were both beautiful hikes.

Teach the kids to cook this year

We are behind on this goal. Ben says he wants to make something “easy” so we will report back on what he chose.

Read 100 books this year (up to 15 books)

I’ve recently read We Were Never Here (really good suspense book with an unreliable narrator) and am currently reading A Monstrous Regiment of Women (this is a Sherlock Homes spinoff series that I’ve enjoyed for years).

Visit 12 museums or artistic events (3 down)

So far we have been to a Dinosaur museum in Wisconsin, a Train museum in Decatur, AL and this past week my kids were in Moana and I watched it so I am counting it!

Attend adoration or daily mass once a week

We went to a mass at a nearby parish and they offered adoration and a rosary before the service started. I told Emma we get gold stars this week!

Take my kids on an outing by themselves each month

I have two outings planned with my kids for the upcoming week. Now to stick to the plan…..

Buy more used things

We have been buying a ton of books at the thrift store lately plus random costume pieces for my children for their roles in Moana.

Do more embroidery projects

This one took me awhile to do, but it turned out cute. I think I’m done with cats for the moment, now onto bees.

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