2022 Goals

2022 Goal Update for Week 7

Walk at least 500 miles this year (63 down and 437 to go)

This week I walked outside a lot and then did Bodyfit by Amy videos indoors on the rainy days.

Go on 12 hikes this year (2 down)

  1. Mt. Cheaha (beautiful hike, but so cold….to be fair it was January)

2. Joe Wheeler State Park

We took the kids on a hike that I thought was just 3 miles….but it turned into 5+ miles (!!!) Luckily it was a pretty day and there were a ton of geodes and fossils just laying around to be picked up. **Apparently, our part of the state was underwater at one time, so we have a ton of fossils in some locations. It is perfectly fine to pick up the geodes and fossils, but not okay to take home any arrowheads (that is illegal)!

Teach the kids to cook this year

This month Emma cooked a meal for us. She whipped up a tasty potato chowder complete with gluten free Red Lobster cheddar biscuits that were the hit of the show. **Seriously, we found this box of GF Red Lobster cheddar bay biscuits (actual name brand) at Kroger, and they were amazing! Tasted just like the Red Lobster biscuits….no lie….mmmmmm

Read 100 books (up to 8)

This was my first four star book of the year. It was amazing! The book follows a set of twins who are very pale skinned African Americans living in the South during the 1950s. One day, one of the sisters just up and disappears out of her twin’s life. We find out later that she decided to pretend she was white to avoid the stigma of her Black heritage and kind of made over her whole life. An interesting twist comes in later when their two daughters meet and start to realize the past their moms are trying to hide may have carried over into their own lives. I highly recommend this book.

Visit 12 museums or artistic events (2 down)

We took a tour of the Railroad Museum and Old State Bank in Decatur, Alabama. I did not realize the history we have in Decatur. During the Civil War, the North took apart the entire city of Decatur (except for 3 houses) and used the wood to build a fortress around the old state bank which they used as a hospital and armory. The old state bank apparently has two ghosts (though we did not see either during our tour) Also, Decatur, Alabama is very popular with train enthusiasts because a major line runs right through the city and a high number of trains come through on a regular basis. Both museums were amazing and free!

Attend adoration or a daily mass each week

I made it in to sit with Jesus and pray about a few things that were on my mind for a few minutes before our youth group meeting started. Hopefully I can stay longer next time.

Take my kids on an outing by themselves each month

January-I took Ben to see a movie and then Emma and I attended a March for Life event.

February-Not yet

Buy more used things

I have bought so many used items this month! Pretty planters, reusable water bottles, pajamas, books, games, toys, etc. So, I am doing great on this goal. **This is my son wearing a pair of plaid pajamas we found at the thrift store for $5 and an adorable doggie (that he just had to have) for $3.

Do more embroidery projects

I am currently working on this adorable kitty project. It is a slow-going process because I have been sewing costumes for a play that my children are in, so my creative free time has been severely cut down lately. But it will eventually get done and I already have someone in mind who may like this one as a gift.

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