Favorite things

Things I am loving lately

Thieves oil

We have had ongoing colds for the past three months now. Is everyone experiencing this?? To try and knock it out of our systems, I made up a batch of thieves oil this week. We have been applying it nightly and diffusing it during the day. Not sure if its working but it does smell wonderful! **We also have been taking zinc, vitamin c, and vitamin d.

Korean snacks

We have a family member in Korea right now, so they have been sending us fun new foods to try out. Some of them have been pretty sketchy because we cannot read what they are supposed to be and have no clue on the ingredients. But….the kids are getting a kick out of trying out foods from overseas. **I will have to say American snack foods are a zillion times tastier than their overseas counterparts. Probably why our obesity rates are so high?!

Rekindling my love of embroidery

I love how the finished product has a tapestry feel to it. It is way easier than it looks to.

I have always loved sewing but got bored with cross stitch and dropped hand sewing all together (I still use my sewing machine of course) I have been watching my daughter crocheting a blanket and thought how lovely that would be to have a sewing project to work on. So I jumped on Amazon to see if I could find anything to spark my interest. Oh boy! The world of hand sewing has dramatically improved since my days of cross stitching. I started off which an adorable set of plant prints and then went back to get a pack of cat samplers too. It is a great way of passing the time in doctor offices or just spending a lazy afternoon listening to a podcast. Sewing is also a great stress reliever because it is so calming…..unless your thread gets knotted……

What have you been loving lately?

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