Frugal Accomplishments

Frugal Things

Target clearance

I love Target’s clearance section because I usually find amazing things. One year I found an air conditioner for just $50! This time I found a set of branch clippers for $10 and five mixed media journal books for $2.50 each (those things are really expensive at normal retail prices!)

Amazon ebooks

I actually prefer real books to ebooks, but I really enjoy the savings that ebooks provide. Amazon usually offers older books as ebooks for under $3 each (many times under a $1) so before I buy a used book (and pay $3 shipping) I always see what the ebook price is. Lately I have picked up classics that we will be reading for our various co op classes and saved a ton of money by choosing the ebook version. **Amazon also offers all of the really old classics as free ebooks a lot of the time since their copyright dates are expired. So we got a free ebook copy of Twelfth night to read for our Charlotte Mason co-op.

Covid vaccine perks

Emma got the vaccine as soon as she could get it back in April, so she was delighted to see that her community college was offering a $150 cash incentive to any student who shows proof they were vaccinated. Obviously, she did not get vaccinated for the money, but money is always nice!

Credit card reward points

We have saved up almost $600 in credit card reward points in a year. It helps that my husband has to travel for work and that we put all of our bills, gas, and grocery spending on our card. If you pay off your card each month, these cash back rewards really do add up over time. We are earmarking these points for a Disney trip next year!

Dishwasher repair

We finally bought a dishwasher in May and were upset that in less than two months it stopped working (!!!!). Luckily the company who makes the dishwasher has a great warranty period and they sent out a repair guy to fix it free of charge. **Due to Covid and parts scarcity it took a month to get the part, but we are thankful it got fixed!

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