My Week

My Week (8.22.2021)

What I’ve been reading lately:

We Have Always Lived in the Castle

I’ve been on a spooky book kick lately. This week I read We Have Always Lived in the Castle and am currently reading The Haunting of Hill House. I will say that Shirley Jackson has a twisted but brilliant mind! The first book has to be the darkest, eeriest book I have ever read. It follows two sisters and their reclusive uncle that live in a mansion on the outskirts of town. Apparently there was a poisoning that wiped out a good portion of their family years before followed by a salacious public trial involving one of the sisters. Now the family has become the town pariahs that everyone either talks about, harasses, or avoids. If you like creepy books, you will love this book.

The Haunting of Hill House (Penguin Classics)

I just started on Hill House, but it is very creepy too. Apparently the house itself is haunted and has a mind of its own, so a professor has invited three people to come and stay at the house with him while he studies it. Doesn’t that sound smart??!

Half Magic by [Edward  Eager]
Sophia's War: A Tale of the Revolution

Ben (age 9) has been reading a ton of Judy Moody and Dogman books. We are also rereading Half Magic at bedtime together and then he is reading Sophia’s War for school.

Instant Karma
Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption

Emma (age 17) to be honest she reads way too much for me to list everything, but I do know she read Just Mercy (because I required it for our US Government course) and is currently reading Instant Karma.

What we’ve been watching lately:

My husband and I were watching Bosch but then the latest season of The Walking Dead became available on Netflix, so we switched over to that. **Now you might assume I am into scary movies based on my book selections and zombie fascination, but that it not the case! I still have to cover my eyes during the gory scenes until my husband tells me its over! I just love the human stories and how the hard times bring out the best and worst of people.

Fun things we’ve done lately:

We’ve had a busy summer. We visited the splash pad multiple times, did an ultimate slip n slide at youth group, lots of slushies were consumed, played retro video games together, watched an amazing production of Mary Poppins (live!), and ate out way too much.

Interesting things I’ve learned:

-That you can potentially graduate from college before you graduate from high school. Apparently if you are doing dual enrollment and you complete all the courses required for an associate’s degree, you can graduate with your degree no matter if you are still in high school or not. That just blew my mind. So Emma will (hopefully) graduate with her associate’s degree during the same month that she graduates from homeschool. I highly endorse dual enrollment. It has been a blessing for our family.

Something that’s making me happy:

-That Fall is almost here! Well not temperature wise (I do live in Alabama), but the Fall months are fast approaching and that makes me happy.

-We recently found out that you can access free episodes of The Office on Peacock, so we have been enjoying watching those again together.

-I am very happy that everyone in my family who were eligible got our vaccinations months ago. I would not want to be unvaccinated in Alabama right now, the hospitals are flooded and the Covid testing situation is a nightmare. **I would be ecstatically happy if my 9 year old could be vaccinated too, but it is what it is.

Something that’s making me sad:

-So many things are making me sad right now, but at the center of it all, is the lack of compassion and unity we are facing in society right now. I wish we could just go back to the beginning of the pandemic and say, “Hey, let’s just all agree that we are going to make the best out of a bad situation as possible by working together.” Instead, we are being pitted against each other by politicians and social media posts. I miss unity and compassion the most.

Funny things on Social Media:

May be an image of text that says 'Owl! at the Library @SketchesbyBoze Re-enchant your life by making the mundane exciting. You are not "going to CVS," you are visiting the apothecary to buy potions. You are not "running an errand," you are doing a side quest. You are not "feeding the birds," you are making an alliance with the crow queen. 3:34 PM 05 Aug 21 Twitter Web App'

This post made my day! Then when one of my friend’s commented that instead of cleaning her toilet, she was “purifying the sacred throne” that just iced the cake:)

May be a cartoon of cat

This portrays our two cats perfectly.



Have a great week!

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