Favorite things

Things I am loving lately

Mexican Gothic
  1. I have officially found a new favorite author. I read Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s Mexican Gothic and loved it! So I tried out a few of her other books and they did not disappoint. I like easy to read books that are fast moving and hook me by the tenth page (I don’t ask for much!), set the scene efficiently (not longwinded or describe the setting for half a page…), and of course it has to have a great plot. **My next favorite book of hers is Gods of Jade and Shadow.

2. My dad bought a freeze-dry machine this past week and we have been loving all the things he has tried out. So far the bananas, strawberries, carrots, okra, and onion have been amazing. You just pop them in your mouth and they melt away. Its really neat and tasty too.

Yes Day

3. Ben and I watched Yes Day and we laughed through the entire movie. Its a really fun movie that the whole family can enjoy together.

L-Theanine 200mg by Nature's Trove - 120 Vegetarian Capsules

4. I have been having some anxiety issues for awhile now and wanted to try something over the counter before I try out anything too heavy. One of my friends mentioned L-Theanine to me and so far it has been pretty amazing and has helped me to calm down quite a bit. **I also highly recommend Ashwagandha and CBD oil too if you are plagued with anxiety. The combination of the two supplements (on bad days I add in CBD) really seems to be helping me lately.

Look Up, Child   -     By: Lauren Daigle

5. If you have never heard of Lauren Daigle you are missing out. Hold On To Me and Rescue are my current favorites that I play on repeat nonstop lately. Its just amazing, if I am having a bad day or just need to destress I play any of her songs and it just takes me away to my happy place. **She is a Christian artist.

But Why: A Podcast For Curious Kids

6. Ben draws constantly, so we decided to try out some podcasts for him to listen too instead of watching tv. We loved podcast But Why? We learned about some cool animal facts, why people are scared of the dark, and about wooly mammoths. I like how they bring experts on to talk about the subjects and how they do not “dumb down” the information for kids, so you get to learn new vocabulary too.

What’s been making you smile lately?

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