2021 Goals

2021 Goal Updates for Week 30

  1. Walk at least 500 miles this year (300 miles down and 200 to go)

This week I completed ten miles by walking, swimming, and doing BodyFit by Amy videos on YouTube. I enjoyed the Pilates Strength and the Kettlebell Tabata workouts the most this week.

2. Read more nonfiction and classic books


I am rereading this book because I forgot how amazing it was! If you are even moderately interested in history this book is for you. I love David McCullough’s writing style. He keeps your interest and manages to surprise history lovers with facts they did not know throughout the book. **I am having Emma read this as part of her US Government curriculum and she loved it too.

3. Keep a gratitude journal

  • I am thankful that my son got to hang out with two of his best friends this week.
  • I was extremely blessed that none of my teens at youth group broke any bones during our slip and slide event. **It was a brutal hill and my kids could barely walk the next day, but they loved it.
  • That we are only going to be in the upper 80s next week!!!!!!!
  • I was so pleased to find a no kill trap on Amazon that actually works. I am not judging people who kill mice but it is just not for me. This trap was so easy to set up and we have caught 4 mice so far. We get mice in the summer a lot due to the heat and drought. **I can handle the mice but tend to leave the catching/release of the giant wolf spiders to my daughter….just no!

4. Try new foods and different recipes

Its not a new food but I have been eating a ton of the fresh cherries that hit our grocery store over the past few weeks. So good!

5. Do more things together as a family

We played a game of Dungeon and Dragons together last week. It is one of our favorite games.

6. Buy more used items

Ben found two shirts this week for $3 each.

Estimated savings for the year: $190

7. Take my kids on a monthly outing by themselves

Not yet

8. Finish my 2019 NaNoWriMo novel (yes it is 2021!)

This has been my hardest goal for the year…..

9. Work on my bullet journaling skills

This has been my favorite goal to work on this year. I love picking out the different themes for each month. Thank goodness people share their art on Pinterest because I would be lost without it.

10. Eat 5 fruits and veggies + 96 oz. of water each day

I did this for 5 days this week.

Have a great week!

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