Weekly Recap

My Week (7.10.21)

What I’ve been reading lately:

How a chain reaction starts: I was talking to my daughter about Russian history and then that reminded me of a Russian history class I took in college, so I hopped on Amazon and bought all of the books I could remember reading for that class. So far I have read a Stalin bio, a Lenin bio, and have a Russian history book waiting on my nightstand. I can see a lot of similarities between Lenin/Stalin and many world leaders today. History is very important. History really does repeat itself….sadly….

What I’ve been watching lately:

I have been under the weather so I have been watching Modern Family, King of the Hill, and Longmire while lazing about.

Thankful for:

-Fresh veggies and eggs from my dad’s farm. It is a rare occurrence that I come home empty handed when I visit my parents.

-Health insurance.

Something fun we did this week:

We were excited to get to see a local production of Mary Poppins and it was so amazing! The choreography was awesome and the costumes were beautiful. I am always so amazed when the actors go zooming across the stage on cables. It just makes it even more magical. We also decided to make an evening of it and had a nice meal out before we headed to the theatre.

Something I learned this week:

-That you can use a calculator on all the parts of the ACT test. Emma is scheduled to take it this week and we had been practicing without a calculator. So hopefully that will alleviate some nerves for her.

-We also were happy to hear that Emma only has to take three additional classes at a community college (in addition to classes that she is taking for dual enrollment already for the year) to graduate with her associates degree in General Studies.

-Oh! In case you did not know, Stalin was a very bad person and Lenin was not much better. That basically sums up both of the books I have been reading in one sentence.

Something I loved on social media:

Image result for bible study mems

We have started a teen bible study with our youth group at church and I kid you not, this is how it looks when someone finds the verse first.

Image result for bible study mems

Sadly, I can identify with the bottom picture more than the top.

See the source image

I saw a funny video on Facebook with a cat slapping a raccoon’s hand while he was trying to steal its food. So this meme made me laugh.

Have a great week!

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