2021 Goals

2021 Goal Updates – Week 26

  1. Walk at least 500 miles this year ( 260 miles down and 240 to go)

This week I swam, walked, and then did kettlebell/dumbbell workouts thanks to Bodyfit by Amy on YouTube. **Its free and fabulous!

2. Read more nonfiction and classic books

The Lazy Genius Way: Embrace What Matters, Ditch What Doesn't, and Get Stuff Done

Read The Lazy Genius if you need help planning, organizing, or making any kind of decisions. Kendra is great at helping you to figure out the easiest way to achieve a goal.

Stalin: Breaker of Nations

I read this back in college and ordered another copy of it after discussing Russian politics with my daughter. I forgot how awful Stalin was! Not very intelligent, cruel, and paranoid sum him up perfectly.

At Home in the World: Reflections on Belonging While Wandering the Globe

Amazon had this eBook for just $1.99 last week, so I picked it up because it is one of my favorite travel memoirs. I have read it three times over the past few years and get something new from it each time. If you love reading about other people traveling around the world and prefer to do it while staying home in your nice, comfy home….read this book.

3. Keep a gratitude journal

  • That my daughter passed her Driver’s Test. She has been ambivalent about driving on her own, but she set her mind to it and finally did it! I am proud of her for being persistent and branching out into the unknown. Its tough to watch her drive away though….
  • I am thankful for cell phones, so I can have proof that Emma has reached her destination and did not wreck/get kidnapped/or get sidetracked by the Big, Bad, Wolf driving home. **We love Into the Woods
  • That the Sheriff’s deputies at the courthouse kindly allowed me to remove my pocket knife from the bottom of my purse after the x-ray machine noticed it and watched me return it to my car. **That was awkward!
  • Oh! And that the deputies escorting the six prisoners to their van didn’t notice my Lenin biography that I was reading while loitering outside the courthouse steps.
Yes, I do have an overactive imagination. I had been reading about all of the times Lenin and his minions were imprisoned before the 1917 revolt….so that was eerie. I must watch too many action films.

4. Try new foods

Park Street Deli Spinach Parmesan Tzatziki Dip

I am changing up my eating plan a little bit and focusing on the Mediterranean diet plan. So basically adding more fruits, veggies, whole grain and less dairy, meat, and sugars. This week I found a Greek yogurt veggie dip at Aldi that was terrific. This of course helped me to eat twice as many veggies because it was delightful dipping them into this deliciousness.

5. Do more things as a family

We have been finding fun things to do this summer. Snow cones, splash pads, swimming, and visits with friends are dominating our summer so far.

6. Buy more used items

We haven’t been to the thrift story in awhile. Maybe we will go today!

Estimated savings for the year: $140

7. Take my children on monthly outings by themselves

Not yet

8. Finish my 2019 NaNoWriMo novel

Okay, I figured out who the killer is..

**If you would like to check out my last novel, Murder at Kelsey Hall, its available to purchase on Amazon as an eBook (or if you have Kindle Unlimited, it is currently free to read with your subscription)

9. Work on my bullet journaling skills

I have been attempting to keep a bullet journal this year and have really enjoyed it. My favorite things to draw involve plants and flowers and I get all of my ideas from Pinterest. Thank goodness there are talented people out there who share their ideas with us.

10. Eat five fruits and veggies + drink 96 ounces of water each day

I did this for six days this week.

Have a great week!

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