My Week

My Week (6.21.21)

What I’ve been reading lately:

The Mountain Between Us: A Novel

I really liked this book. I somehow missed seeing the movie so maybe that helped me to like the book better?? This book tells the story of two travelers who are stranded in an airport due to an oncoming blizzard and make the fateful decision to charter a plane to beat the storm. This isn’t a spoiler alert because you can read the back to find it out. And then they end up crashing in the Rocky Mountains. Somehow they have to find their way back to civilization which is 60 miles away, battling the elements and nature. Oh and yes, the woman breaks her leg and has to rely on the man (who was a complete stranger) to get her back down safely. It sounds fantastical and it is, but it also has an amazing twist in the story and there are two story lines that the author flips back and forth to throughout the book which made it unique. It has adventure, romance, and suspense. I gave it four stars.

Castle Shade: A novel of suspense featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes by [Laurie R. King]

I have enjoyed this Laurie King series so far. It chronicles the life of Mary Russell who just so happens to be married to Sherlock Holmes and is an amazing detective in her own right. I liked the story a lot because we actually got to see from Sherlock’s point of view, which has not happened in this series to date. She also hinted at emotions in this novel from Sherlock…..which never happens. Also, that its set near Transylvania and deals with the potential of vampires gives it serious Hound of the Baskervilles vibes. I gave it 3 stars.

Goodnight Beautiful: A Novel

This was a super creepy story. It basically is a Misery retelling with a twist. You really never know who was the bad guy until the end, so I don’t want to spoil it. Read it, if you like creepy thrillers. I gave it 4 stars.

Before She Disappeared: A Novel (A Frankie Elkin Novel Book 1)

I flew through this book. The story follows a “finder”, Frankie Elkins, who travels around the country trying to solve as many missing person cases as she can. She has a feisty personality and a very sad back story that really draws in the reader. I loved it and gave it 4 stars.

What went wrong this week:

Well…..getting a frantic call from my husband that our hot water heater started spewing water everywhere tops the list. Oh and to cap it off, I had just finished a really long day at VBS. Thank goodness, he was home because I can’t imagine coming home to that all by myself.

Things I checked off my to-do list:

  • Made an appointment for Emma’s driver’s license road test
  • Cleaned out our library shelves
  • Donated a lot of stuff that has been sitting around for way too long
  • Listed some textbooks on eBay
  • Got the cats spayed finally. They also got their rabies shots and an antibiotic for an upper respiratory virus. So they are over the vet’s office and no longer think the cat carrier is magical.

Goals for next week:

  • Finally start our teen bible study at church. We have had scheduling issues, but hopefully everything is finally ironed out.
  • Declutter our closets
  • Weedwhack the yard before it gets out of control

Something I learned this week:

  • That weedwhacker has an “H” in it…
  • You can be exhausted just from watching kids have fun at VBS. Literally! I basically did nothing and I was exhausted all week.
  • If the cats refuse to get down off the table there might be an inch of water on the ground……

Something I loved on social media:

Image result for Human Funny Cat Memes
Image result for Human Funny Cat Memes
Image result for Human Funny Cat Memes

Have a great week!

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