Frugal Accomplishments

Frugal Things

1. Luggage

I ran into Kohl’s yesterday to look for good deals on clothing and instead found this set of luggage on clearance for 70% off. Since our current set of luggage is almost 15 years old and starting to get a little threadbare, I decided to scoop this deal up. Oh and it has spinner wheels and a working collapsible handle!! Yay!

2. Cow planters

I was trying to kill a few more minutes in Kohls before I picked up my daughter from work and found the most adorable planters. When I first saw them I thought, “Oh those must be expensive.” But then I noticed they were on the sale rack and marked down to $6. So of course I had to get all three because who doesn’t need a herd of cow planters in their house???

3. 50% off tuition

My daughter was only going to take one dual enrollment class in the Spring semester because she wanted a lighter semester……but…..our local community college is offering a “buy one class, get one free deal”, so we took the plunge again. Saving $400 on classes she has to take anyways was a no brainer. If you have a high schooler, definitely look into dual enrollment classes. For these two reasons alone: 1.) If you take all of your general education requirements in high school, then you can graduate with a four year degree in just two years. The college dropout rate goes way down if you only have to do two years compared to four. 2.) Oh and the classes are usually half the cost that a four year university charges for the same classes if you wait until college to take them. I don’t know why that is, but it is.

4. Credit card reward points

I got our year end statement from our credit card company and was pleased to see that we have earned almost $1000 in credit card reward points this year and paid zero interest. **If you can pay off your balance each month, then this can be a money maker. It also helps we had an amazing introductory reward this year too. We usually only average around $300 a year, but still that is pretty good for simply using a card to buy things that we have to anyways.

5. Pansies

No description available.

Every year I buy mums in the fall and every year they last only a few months until a hard frost kills them. So sad. This year I bought some pansies because I heard they can survive cold weather and they have been rock stars! My pansies have been through two hard frosts and really cold temperatures and they are still blooming. They have to be one of the most delicate flowers around, but they can withstand some really harsh conditions. So don’t be offended if someone calls you a pansy. I would take it as a compliment! I consider this to be frugal because never again will I be hoodwinked into buying those expensive mums that Home Depot tricks me into buying again and again. I will stick with my $3 pansies and enjoy the blooms throughout the entire winter! **In full disclosure, I am sure I will buy a mum again…but I will grumble while doing it…

How did you save money??

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