2020 Goals

Goal Updates for Week 50

1. Walk at least 500 miles this year (491 miles down and 9 to go)

Less than 10 miles to go! I completed ten miles this week by doing Bodyfit by Amy videos (I did the Dumbbell Sweat & Sculpt, Kettlebell Bootcamp, & Soup can workout) Then we took a couple of walks outside while it was warm and dry.

2. Eat at least five fruits/vegetables daily (+ drink 96 oz. of water)

I did this for five days last week.

3. Read more nonfiction and classics

Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mt. Everest Disaster

This was a really good read. I have seen it on bookshelves for so many years that I decided to try it out and see if it was any good…..it was! I have zero interest in ever climbing Mount Everest but I definitely love to hear about other people’s journeys to the top of the world. This book was so full of information. Apparently it is quite stinky at the base camps on the way to the summit and is filled with litter (that made me sad) Also, there are dozens of bodies of the people who died on the mountain that are just left there, so as you climb up, some of the bodies are used as location markers of sorts (sad) Besides all of the sad things that happened in this book, I loved learning about the Sherpas and the brutal conditions that the climbers face. Did you know that to climb Everest you have to acclimate to the higher elevations or you will not be able to survive the climb? The Everest hopefuls have to go live on the mountain side for almost two months! Oh and then on top of that it is really expensive. At the time of this book, the average price was between $30,000 and $60,000. Then as an added bonus, not that many people even make it to the summit. You only get one shot and if your leader tells you to turn around….you turn around even if you can see the summit. I cannot imagine the devastation that causes so many climbers. If you have any interest in living vicariously through someone else’s adventures, then this book is for you.

4. Take a family outing each month

We needed to get out of the house, so we headed over to the Veteran’s Museum in Huntsville, Alabama. We have been meaning to take Ben for awhile because he is all about anything war related lately. This museum was amazing! It was packed full of war memorabilia. Not just the small stuff either. There were tanks, helicopters, missiles, medals (I saw a Purple Heart!), uniforms, weapons, etc. Everything was very well organized and had been donated by the veterans’ families so it was really special to see authentic items.

-We also made a trip to Birmingham to see my husband’s parents for a pre-Christmas get together at a park. It just so happened to be Veteran’s Park (there was a theme for us this month apparently) We had lunch at the picnic tables, decorated cookies, and exchanged gifts. It was a beautiful day and we loved getting to see two of our favorite people outside in the fresh air (hopefully it was less germy). Being adaptable is really the secret to happiness in 2020!

5. Have more family game nights

We didn’t play any games this week, but I have been eyeing a few potential new games to add to our collection this Christmas.

*If you need ideas as to what games are fun for families here is a list of our current favorites.

6. Buy more used items and keep track of the savings

I found Ben some plaid pajama pants for $4.

Estimated running total saved by buying used for the year: $650 **I estimated the formal to be worth about $50 if it were sold on FB marketplace

**I am doing a rough estimate based on how much I could find the items on sale or on clearance at a store for minus what I paid for the items…so its not a perfect guess, but close.

7. Finish my 2019 NaNoWriMo novel (~35,000 words) and publish it before January 1st, 2021.

I am up to 19,000 words. I’m stalled…..

If you want to check out my novel from last year, it is Murder at Kelsey Hall and is free right now with Kindle Unlimited on Amazon.

8. $5 Weekly Charity Challenge

I picked up some macaroni and cheese and a few cans of ravioli to donate to the food bank.

9. Make a spiritual checklist to do with my kids each month:

For December:

-Do our Jesse Tree devotional each day

-Learn a new Christmas carol each week

-Read the book of Luke

10. Home Improvement projects I hope to complete by the end of the year

  • Order a metal carport
  • Install a new window blind in my bedroom
  • Build a cat tree for our kittens (Almost done, just needs carpet)
  • Finish the trim on the kitchen cabinets

**This is a great time to be planning ahead to see which goals you want to work on in 2021.

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