My Week

Weekly Recap 11.16.2020

What I read:

I read A Woman of No Importance (wonderful true story about a female spy) and Riviera Gold by Laurie King. **If you like Sherlock Holmes retellings check out Laurie R. King. She does an amazing job of portraying Holmes’ wife in her series.

Ben (age 9) has been enjoying Catherine called Birdy, Stink Moody Shark Sleepover, and Ben and me.

What I watched: We have been watching The Blacklist

Things I am loving lately:

Luckily I had my rosary and a divine mercy chaplet to keep me company while I waited to vote

The calm of the election finally being over and a clear winner being announced (do you hear my sarcasm??)

Something I accomplished this week:

-I added almost 1000 more words to my novel

-We finally ordered and received gravel for our driveway. Now we have to smooth out approximately one more ton before we order the next 5 ton load….fun times…

-We celebrated Ben’s 9th birthday. The perils of having a birthday during Covid times struck my son this past week. We had planned on visiting a local arcade that specializes in vintage games for his birthday but apparently they never reopened after the quarantine. Then our back up options were not opened on his birthday due to sanitation issues, so to say Ben was in distress would be an understatement. Luckily, Ben’s love languages are mostly gifts and quality time, so we adjusted our plans. We watched Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure together, went to a local Indian Mound museum (where we bought amazing walking sticks for just $8), and ate at Cracker Barrel where his sister used her discount to get him a Harry Potter scarf for a present. Overall, it was a pretty wonderful day!

Something I learned:

That not only does our cat want to live in the refrigerator, but the dryer is her back up residential location too. So basically cold and airless vs. hot and airless (No cats were harmed by the grace of God this week)

Best things I saw on social media:

Image may contain: 1 person, meme, text that says 'oH IT'S FRIDAY TOMORROW FRIDAY THE 13TH, IN 2020'
Image result for Election 2020 Funny
See the source image

Stay sane safe and keep on laughing!

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