Frugal Accomplishments

Frugal Things

  1. Thrift store finds

We found a good bit of things this week at the thrift store. I found a sweater – $2.99, a storage cube for Ben’s room – $7.99, a duffel bag – $3.99 (I had been looking for one to store items in the trunk of our car for some time now), a Darth Vader for President shirt -$2.99 (this speaks to me on so many levels!), a see through purse for Emma to use at work ($1.99), and a football ($3.99). **The football was originally $10 which I thought was way too much. Luckily an employee heard me tell Ben that was too much to pay for a used football and offered to get a new price on it because she agreed that was crazy high. She was so nice about it! Also we were really pleased on finding the see through purse because the only other option was a $15 one at Target.

2. Hobby Lobby

Emma is going to be Ms. Frizzle for Halloween, so we needed to find a bird nest and fake birds (it is going to be so cute!) I found a package of nests ($2.99) and a set of birds ($3.99). I think this is pretty frugal because when it is paired with the dress we picked up at the thrift store last month ($4.99) you have a costume for around $12 which is a steal in my book.

I also picked up Ben a plastic canvas so he can practice his sewing skills. After a needle prick, he decided sewing was not for him until I told him that I had a more kid friendly option lined up. So for $.79, I get to show Ben that sewing can be fun and not too bloody:)

Then I saw the cutest idea for making a Jesse Tree for Advent on Pinterest out of wood ornaments. So I picked up a set using my 40% off coupon and paid just $3. **Compared to the already decorated set selling on Etsy for $60, I consider that a much better deal and it will give me something to do over the next month (which is always a blessing!)

3. Flowers

I have been making sure to water my mums and pansies this past week. They looked a little droopy and that got me worried, but after a good soaking they perked right up. I also made sure to de-head the flowers, in hopes that I can make them last a little longer this fall.

4. Dollar Tree

We went into the Dollar Tree yesterday and I was amazed at the selection of stuff available now. I saw nice hand towels, a ton of craft wood products (like little wooden crates and chests), and a great selection of organizing bins. I picked up three blue bins that would have probably set me back heaven knows how much at Target, a pair of sunglasses (for a Terminator costume…which would have cost $10+ at Target), a 2021 planner, and a three pack of rulers.

5. Cracker Barrel

My daughter used her employee discount to take us out for dinner last week. We saved $17 and had a delicious meal. Thank you Emma!

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