Frugal Accomplishments

Frugal Things

  1. Chicken

This past week, my dad and my husband decided to process the overabundance of roosters that my dad had accumulated over his past hatchings. I am so glad that they enjoy doing that because I just could not stomach it! My husband brought home five well packaged roosters to stick into our chest freezer. I decided to cook one up for dinner this week and we all decided it tasted exactly like turkey breast because it was very lean. So now I have four more “turkeys” left in our freezer to enjoy over the next few months. Thanks Daddy!

2. Dinner 2.0

I was having a very distracted day and I totally messed up my meatloaf. I forgot to add the bread crumbs and the minced onions to the meatloaf so when it came out of the oven we decided it tasted like a gigantic hamburger! In order to salvage dinner I decided to turn it into a different meal and used the meat to make a baked pasta dish. By chopping the meatloaf into bits and adding a lot of pepperoni, we had a delish meal which we called Dinner 2.0. **I forgot to take pictures

3. Save the apples!

It was way tastier than it looks….especially topped with ice cream!

My mom had given me a bunch of apples that they were not eating because they were getting soft. I decided to turn them into an apple crisp for dessert this week. We all decided that it was a delicious way to “save the apples”.

4. Broth

Golden deliciousness

After we ate the rooster for dinner this past week, I decided to honor its life and get the most out of its sacrifice by making a batch of broth with its carcass (can you tell I am a former vegetarian??) While the rooster only yielded about 4 cups of meat, the rest of him gave us almost a gallon of broth. Thank you Mr. Rooster.

5. Potato soup


After I made broth, I realized that I had a batch of potatoes that were starting to soften. So I decided to make a batch of potato soup with my delicious golden broth. Yes, canned broth is pretty cheap, but it does not taste anywhere near as good as homemade. Delicious!

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