My Week

Weekly Recap (9.13.2020)

What I read:

The Watchmaker's Daughter (Glass and Steele Book 1)

This week I read The Watchmaker’s Daughter. It was a pretty good fantasy book overall, but I did not really care for how they ended the book because too much was kept back until the very end in my opinion.

Emma (16 years old) is reading Bridge to Terabithia.

Ben (8 years old) is reading The Trumpet of the Swan, The Neverending Story, and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

What I watched:  Justified and King of the Hill.

Things I am loving lately:

**Those are not dried up bats! They are rolled up green tea leaves that have been rolled individually and somehow gives this tea a distinctive taste.

Gunpowder Tea from the Louisville Tea Company. I never knew that tea could have a smoky, chocolatey flavor until I tried this blend. I received a container of the tea for Christmas from my husband’s grandma and talked myself into rationing out the tea to last for awhile (its not cheap!) Long story short…..somehow I forgot that I put it in a canister and have been missing it for awhile now. So I was delighted to find it again this past week and enjoyed revisiting this delicious blend again just in time for Fall. (That is a joke because we all know that there will not be fall weather in Alabama until two weeks before it starts to feel like winter. #coldhardtruths)

Funny things that happened this week:

We were listening to a song called “The Reason” on the radio when Ben asked me who sang the song because he liked it. When I told him it was Hoobastank, he asked, “Who is this Hooba and why are they stanky?” Only Ben….


Our kittens have provided us with much needed amusement for the past few weeks. Basically, Marya is a feisty, little dictator and Sonya is a lovable pushover. Case in point: Sonya (who is twice Marya’s size) will be eating peacefully when over comes Marya who pushes her way through to the bowl. Does Sonya protest or go to the other food bowl? No. She takes a few steps back and waits for Marya to get her fill. This happens multiple times during the day. Sonya will also let us bathe her with hardly any fuss, while Marya hisses, scratches, and claws us the entire time….fun times….

Another thing about the kittens is that they love to play Hide and Go seek. Really! One kitten goes and hides while the other kitten pretends to not see it and makes a chirping noise while prowling about the living room to “look” for the other kitten. They also love to have epic mock battles with claws and bared teeth on full display.

Something I was happy to accomplish this week:

-We had our first youth group meeting for the new school year. We had a much smaller group of kids than usual, but they enjoyed playing a few ice breakers and having a lesson on the importance of learning how to suffer gracefully. Thank you to Saint John Paul II for your shining example of how there is dignity in all lives. Then we finished the night off with cookies and a few rounds of air hockey.

-Our Charlotte Mason Co-op had its first meeting of the year and it was a success. We sang a folk song and a hymn together, listened to a bible reading, made flower presses, did a nature study, read a portion of A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream, and listened to poetry recitations. It was a fun day and it was so nice to be around other people again.

-Oh and we managed to survive another week in this crazy world as gracefully as possible. 2021 has to be better than 2020….right??!!

Best things I saw on social media:

Image result for memes 2020

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**This applies to any mom really!

See the source image


Stay safe and try to keep on laughing!

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