Family Fun

Frugal Summer Fun Challenge 2020 (Week 4&5)

We found quite a few things to do over the past two weeks and here they are:

1. Free Legos 


I had another $10 in Kohls cash…so that means free Legos again. Lucky Ben!

2. Zaxby’s and Psych

I did a survey on my Zaxby’s receipt a few weeks ago, so I earned a B1G1 free meal deal in return. So I treated the kids to dinner (and did not have to cook since my husband was out of town!!) and then we watched Psych together before bedtime. Shawn and Gus are hilarious.


3. Indoor Camping

I know this sounds weird but my kids love camping indoors. Since my husband was away on a business trip, we decided to set up the tent and spend a few nights “camping”. We luckily have a huge living room so our tent fits in it really nicely. We also do not have to deal with heat, humidity, barking dogs, or mosquitos….so it is kind of wonderful. **A bear even joined us for a little while:)


4. Yard Sales

We decided to go to a community yard sale with my mom one morning and had a blast finding great deals. Well, Ben was the only one who really found anything, but we had fun looking at stuff together. The lady selling the Perry the Platypus stuffed animal was a little sad to sell it at first, but was quickly charmed by how happy Ben was when he realized it made sounds. We spent the rest of the afternoon building the Hexbug set, so it was a pretty awesome day.


How was your week? Did you do anything especially fun and frugal with your family?


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