Family Fun

Frugal Summer Fun Challenge 2020

We did a Summer Fun Challenge last year and had such a fun time, that we decided to have another one. I feel we especially need one this year since most of the activities my children love to do during the summer (going to a local waterpark, movies, VBS, etc.) will not be happening. So each week, we will try and come up with some fun things to do that:

a) hopefully won’t cost a lot

b) will be equally fun for my 8 and 15 year old (that sometimes is a hard nut to crack!)

I think we as parents tend to fall into the mindset that fun things have to cost a lot of money, so that becomes one of the many excuses we have to saying no to new experiences. But if your kids are like my kids, the simplest (and cheapest) things tend to bring them the most joys in life. I cannot begin to count how many times we spent a huge amount of money on a trip or a toy and then found out that the kids are equally just as happy playing a game together as a family or getting a slushy at Sonic (strange, but true) So don’t let the issue of money get in the way of having family fun! Here are some ways that we have fun and hardly spend anything at all:

-catch fireflies at dusk

-make smores

-play board games

-listen to audiobooks together

-go walk at a park

-swim at a friend’s house

-watch a movie together at home

-campout in the living room

-do crafts together

-go thrifting (my kids love it!)

-make a dessert together

-enjoy kool-aid popsicles (a fun throwback to my childhood)

-take day trips to local attractions

-visit family

**I threw in a snow day theme idea because who doesn’t love the idea of winter in July??? Oh, and the “make your own snowman” memory because my kids froze multiple snow balls during the winter, so its a possibility….


The options are limitless!

So feel free to join in with our family as we find fun things to do this summer and make priceless memories:)


Here are the links to our past summer challenge:

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