Family Fun

Culture Hour

Like many families, we are starting to get tired of staying home due to the quarantine. After a few weeks of complaining and whining about being bored (not just the kids…) I decided to try something different. We have been homeschooling for eight years now and I have always loved the idea of a having an enrichment hour built into our normal school day. However….I have put it off again and again for various reasons (okay, it was mostly because I was too lazy) But now that we have oodles of time on our hands, I thought we should give it a try and guess what?? The kids have really liked it! We like to call it Culture Hour (just to fancy it up a bit). Culture Hour for us means that we spend time at the table drawing while we listen to an audiobook. And it really hasn’t cost us a penny. We have been listening to Winnie the Pooh on audiobook (thanks to our Hoopla subscription through the library) and getting a ton of art ideas off Pinterest. *Some of our favorite art sites are art projects for kids and cartooning4kids

There is something so calming about drawing and listening to an audiobook. I have been reluctant to jump on the audiobook bandwagon mostly because I usually find them boring. But there is something different about listening to an enjoyable story while your hands are occupied. Maybe you are distracted just enough to not get bored?? I don’t really know why but it works. Due to our newfound success with Culture Hour, I searched for additional ways that my children could keep their hands busy while we are listening to our audiobooks. Here are some ideas that we plan on trying out over the next few weeks:

  1. Sculpting clay
  2. Building with Legos
  3. Doing crafts
  4. Making friendship bracelets
  5. Origami
  6. Literary themed coloring sheets
  7. Doing puzzles

So if you are struggling to stay connected to your kids and want a fun way to spend the afternoon, try adding a little culture to your life with art and good literature.

God Bless!




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