2020 Goals

Goal Updates for Week 13

1. Walk at least 500 miles this year (118 miles down and 382 to go)

I completed ten miles this week by doing Bodyfit by Amy videos on YouTube and walking outside in this beautiful weather we have been having.**In between the other days that were torrential downpours….

2. Eat at least five fruits/vegetables every day

I did not track anything this week!

3. Learn Spanish this year

I did Duolingo for only 30 minutes this week. I have lost interest in this one…hopefully this next week will be better.

4. Take a family outing each month Accomplished

ben park
Anniston had the prettiest park I have every been too. It was full of geese and had an amazing island in the middle of a beautiful lake.

We traveled to Anniston, Alabama to visit my husband because he was stuck there on business. We enjoyed listening to podcasts in the car on the way down. Then we had dinner together at a local park while enjoying the ducks and geese that were strolling around. To wrap up our outing, we played several games back at the hotel.

5. Have more family game nights

ben game
We love Guess Who? This is me and Ben playing it while Emma had a sign language meetup.

This week we played Apples to Apples and Rat a tat cat.

*If you need ideas as to what games are fun for families here is a list of our current favorites.

6. Buy more used items and keep track of the savings

Nothing used was bought this week.

Estimated running total saved by buying used for the year: $172**

**I am doing a rough estimate based on how much I could find the items on sale or on clearance at a store for minus what I paid for the items…so its not a perfect guess, but close.

7. Finish my 2019 NaNoWriMo novel (~35,000 words) and publish it before November 1st.

14,120 words and counting…I hope to finish my novel during the time we will be spending at home over the next few weeks. However, spring is calling me, so I may be doing more outside chores…we will see!

If you want to check out my novel from last year it is Murder at Kelsey Hall and is free right now with Kindle Unlimited on Amazon.

8. $5 Weekly Charity Challenge


I picked up five pop top raviolis to donate to a local homeless shelter.

9. Make a spiritual checklist to do with my kids each month

For March, we plan on:

Attending one daily mass Masses have been cancelled, so we read the readings for a daily mass this week

Praying the Rosary together

Going to an adoration Completed at the Lenten Mission

Going to confession Completed at the Lenten Mission

***10. Things I hope to accomplish while we are “sheltering at home”

  • Work on puzzles with my kids (We finished a beautiful Winnie the Pooh puzzle)
  • Add gravel to our driveway
  • Clean up our yard (My husband mowed the grass)
  • Spring clean the house (We tidied up the library and deep cleaned the bathrooms)
  • Take Emma on more driving lessons (She drove us on two 40 minute trips this week)
  • Read the daily mass scriptures each day (We read the Sunday mass readings together and did the Divine Praises)
  • Do a Divine Mercy chaplet or a rosary once a week
  • Have a tree cut down in our yard
  • Build a wood shed to contain all of our firewood
  • Finish my novel

God Bless!

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