Frugal February

Frugal February Week 4

Money spent on groceries

Walmart: $70

Total spent for the month: $367

Money left: $33

Fun money spent

Whitt’s bbq: $2

Total spent: $57

Money left: $15

**Since we had leftover money from the grocery budget and the fun money categories, we decided to use it for another date night to celebrate my birthday early. We went out for sushi since it was a Lenten Friday and it was delicious!

***So in full disclosure, I spent all the money in both categories…

Cheap things we did this week

-Used a Whitt’s bbq coupon for a free sandwich

-Found a lot of great resources online for ideas for youth group meetings

-I have a pantry moth infestation, so I went through my entire pantry and threw out any contaminated boxes and foods that I found. I did manage to save quite a bit of food, so I made sure to put everything in plastic containers to prevent from future infestations. **I may have screamed when I saw some of the larvae inside my cornmeal….

-Found a great new crockpot recipe that used up some old beans that I scavenged from my pantry during my cleaning session. It was Crockpot Red Beans and Rice from the Eating on a Dime site. I added a little creole seasoning and a tad more cayenne pepper for more heat to suit our tastes. It was delicious!

Thoughts for next year’s challenge

-I think that I will lower my grocery budget to $300 to give myself a little more of a challenge.

-I also think I need to lower my fun money budget because we ate out way too much for a Frugal February Challenge.

-It may be fun to do little mini challenges like trying to empty the freezer/pantry, $5 or less meals, meatless Mondays, etc.


How did your Frugal February go? **If you missed out, you can always do a Miserly March or an Austere April:)


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