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Weekly Recap (2/28/2020)

Garment of Shadows (Mary Russell & Sherlock Holmes) by Laurie R. King (2013-06-24) The Game: A novel of suspense featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes (A Mary Russell & Sherlock Holmes Mystery Book 7)

What I read: This week I am reading The Game by Laurie R. King. Luckily my library has almost all of the books in this series, so I will be reading Ms. King’s work for awhile.

Emma (15 years old) finished The Light Between Oceans (and came sobbing into my room after she read it….this is a common response to the ending of the book) She also finished The Wednesday Wars and loved it as much as I did.

Ben (8 years old) is reading Stink Moody Frog Freak Out and Farmer Boy

What I watched:  I am currently watching Season 9 of Murdoch Mysteries and we finished up Better Call Saul Season Four (I really loved how the director is showed how the characters we met in Breaking Bad came to be.)

Something I was happy to check off my to do list:

-Received our tax refund (I always breathe a little easier when everything clears)

-Helping Emma prep for reading at the Ash Wednesday service. I am amazed that she can do public speaking so well. It is pure torture for me!

Things I learned: 

-That aquatic snails are carnivorous. Ben was horrified that they eat each other.

-That I am horrible at fasting! As a Catholic I am supposed to fast on Ash Wednesday. Now this fasting is not what most people think of when the term fasting comes up. We are allowed one full meal and two smaller meals (like snacks). I was doing fine until I did my BodyFit by Amy video, then my blood sugar dropped. I pushed through until dinnertime, but my kids had to deal with my irritability. I am a wimp….

**I am only sharing this with you because I thought it was pretty eye opening when you think of how little many people in the world have to eat on a day to day basis and they still have to put in a full day of manual labor.

Things that I look forward to next week:

-Having almost zero obligations next week!!!!!!!

-Frugal February ends this week, so I am looking forward to taking the kids on an outing of some sort to celebrate. If I know my kids, it will involve Cracker Barrel…

-Oh, and I turn 39 next week:)

Funny things that happened:

Image result for ash wednesday meme


1. We went to Ash Wednesday service and decided to see which kind of cross we received based on this funny meme we found. I think I had a “first in line” and Emma got a Rorschach like usual. **I also saw “Father’s revenge” and “The Hipster”

2. My kids regularly give me heart attacks on a day to day basis.

Ben: “I’m sorry Mama. Me and Apollo got a little crazy on Roblox.”

Me: >>Gasping<< “What did you do?”

Ben: “We were having so much fun playing that I drained your iPad’s battery down to 13%.”

Me: “Oh, that’s okay. I was thinking that you did something horrible, like giving someone our address or getting kicked off for inappropriate behavior.”

Ben: >>just looks at me and shakes his head and sighs…<<


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