Frugal February

Frugal February Week 3 Update

This was another rather easy week in my opinion. We were out of town for the weekend so that helped with the food budget quite a bit. I purposely put an exclusion into my Frugal February rules that said we did not have to count any eating out costs we incurred when traveling out of town. Otherwise that would have totally annihilated my fun money budget for the month! It was so nice to be able to visit with family and get to see our nephew be baptized. **I just noticed that over the past three weeks, we have eaten out more this month than any other month I can remember. It must be because I gave us a fun money budget and therefore feel that it is okay to spend it on food. I think next year I will only allow a $50 fun money budget to make this a little more challenging.

Money spent on groceries

Walmart: $100

Meat purchased from my parents: $20

Total spent for the month: $297

Money left: $103

Fun money spent

Jack’s: $5

Mellow Mushroom: $40 **This was a date night splurge with my husband. We had a good amount of money left in the fun money budget so we decided to go out together and enjoy an evening alone:)

Zaxby’s: $5

Thrift store: $5

Total spent: $55

Money left: $17

Cheap things we did this week

-Used my husband’s Hilton reward points to pay down our hotel bill to just $18.

-Enjoyed delicious coffee, breakfast, and free shampoo/conditioner at our hotel. We stayed at the Hilton by Tru in Auburn, Alabama and I was amazed at the selection of breakfast items they had available. There were eggs, sausage, cereal, toast, doughnuts, bagels, oatmeal, greek yogurt, waffles, fruit, various toppings (PB, Nutella, syrup, jam, cream cheese, etc), and a huge selection of beverages to choose from (Sorry to gush, but I was very impressed!). **They also had these huge bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash attached to the walls in the bathroom. I had never seen that before, but apparently it cuts down on waste and they all smelled wonderful too.

-Had a play date with some friends since our homeschool co-op was cancelled for the day.

-My husband got a discounted entrance fee to a local half marathon due to his being a veteran.


One week to go!!



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