Frugal February

Frugal February Week 2 Update

This week was a pretty easy week once again. I notice on the weeks that we are busier, we tend to spend less money….weird, but true. Also, staying out of stores (and off of Amazon) is the easiest way to not spend money when you are on a spending fast #captainobvious

Cheap things we did this week:

-My husband’s parents came to visit us on Saturday and brought a ton of goodies for us to enjoy. They tend to do this every year because the kids start complaining they run out of junk food during Frugal February (poor things…) This year, they brought candy, Little Debbie’s, and extra soft toilet paper for the rest of us😊 They also took us out to eat at Logan’s and insisted on paying. I of course said yes!

The costumes were perfect!

-We took advantage of going to a school showing of Frozen put on by a local theatre group. The school shows are always half price, so this means that we can see quality shows and not break the bank.

-Redeemed a free sandwich coupon at a local barbecue place to treat my son (we brought a drink with us)

-Used the rest of a gift card to treat my kids to breakfast at McDonald’s (Only had to pay $1.16 overage)

-Sonic was advertising mozzarella sticks for $.99 heavily on YouTube, so my son made sure that I knew about it:)

Money spent on groceries:

Walmart: $70

Kroger: $22

Money left for the rest of the month: $223

Money spent on fun stuff:

$1.16 at McDonald’s

$5.30 Sonic

$15 for play tickets

Money left for the rest of the month: $72


How is your Frugal February going??



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