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Weekly Recap (1/25/2020)

The Twelve (Book Two of The Passage Trilogy): A Novel

What I read:  I have been reading the second book in The Passage trilogy this week. I feel somewhat conflicted with this series. Each book is really long and jumps back and forth between all the different characters in the series (and sometimes the future/past as well) I like the plot okay, but I really have to pay attention to what is going on, so I can keep up with who the chapter is about (very draining, when you generally like easy narratives) Also, it reminds me of the Game of Thrones book series, in that no character is safe and almost anyone can die at any moment…which are usually not my favorite kinds of stories. However, I am going to persevere because I really would like to see how he brings it all to a finish.

Emma (15 years old) is reading Little Women. We saw the movie this past week and would highly recommend it to anyone who loves the books and past movies. The writers did a really wonderful job of retelling a classic, beloved story in a way that felt new and fresh…almost like it was a different story with the same plot.

Ben (8 years old) is reading The Lightning Thief, Judy Moody Declares Independence, and Little House in the Big Woods. 

What I watched:  I am currently watching Season 9 of Murdoch Mysteries, Season 5 of Dexter with my husband, and catching up on Modern Family episodes when I am at the gym. **Mitch and Cam just crack me up. I almost fell off the elliptical due to laughing.

Something I was happy to check off my to do list:

-I was glad I finally rescheduled my husband’s doctor visit (I tend to put it off to the last second)

-I also did our taxes as soon as our W-2 and other tax documents came in, so now it is ready to go whenever the IRS starts processing the forms.

This week, I am looking forward to:  

-Celebrating the Chinese New Year with my extended family. We are having a potluck of sorts so no one has to supply everything. While we are having a lot of different Chinese foods, there will also be crab legs and a Cajun steam pot. We are rather eclectic when it comes to our food, even at themed events.

Things I learned: 

  1.  In our read aloud book, Judy Moody Declares Independence, we learned about Sybil Ludington. She was basically a female Paul Revere. There is some discussion as to how accurate the story is, but apparently she rode twice as far as Paul Revere and was only 16 at the time.
  2.  My kids and I were amused to find out that this is The Year of the Rat in China. **In case you are looking for ideas as to how to celebrate or teach about the Chinese New Year, here is a fun post from a few years ago.

Funny things that happened this week: 

Nothing stood out as drop dead hilarious, so I thought I would share a few funny memes that made me smile.

Image result for homeschooling memes

*It really depends on the subject!

Image result for homeschooling memes

*Sorry Emma:)

See the source image


See the source image

*I have never done that, but I have put the kids in the car while they were arguing and walked reeeeaaaallllyyy slowly around to my door enjoying the silence for 30 seconds.


Have a great week!

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