My Week

Weekly Recap (1/12/2020)

What I read:   Since I was sick all week, I had lots of time to read (silver lining!) So I finished up the Percy Jackson series, the Heroes of Olympus series, and began the Kane Chronicles (all by Rick Riordan). **Yes, I have read all of these series before but they were nice, easy reads that made my day go by quicker:)

Emma is currently reading The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell. I read this book in college and while it was a very hard read at times (emotionally), it was also absolutely beautiful in others. I have been asked why I read and reread this book when it is so depressing at times and I always say I read it for the ending. I love the moment when the main character finally admits to what happened on his mission to the other planet (yes it is sci-fi) and then his friend (who happens to be a priest) immediately heads into the rites of confession, so that he can finally forgive himself for his sins (it gives me chills every time!) After that breakthrough, he can finally begin to heal and it is beautiful!

Ben is reading Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and Judy Moody and the Bad Luck Charm. We absolutely love the Judy Moody series by Megan McDonald. This is our third time reading them all the way through and it is still so much fun.

What I watched:   I have been watching the latest season of Murdoch Mysteries on Hulu whenever I can sneak it in during the day (usually while I am eating breakfast and lunch). It has gotten a little silly over the past few years, but still enjoyable if you like historical murder mysteries.

My husband and I have been re-watching Dexter on Netflix before bedtime. We just finished the season with the Trinity Killer and I forgot how terrible (aka gut wrenching) that last episode was!!

Things I learned:   #1 I should have gotten the flu shot this year!! Also, that if you do get the flu (and decide to treat it at home) that Benadryl, Mucinex DM, and Advil are life savers. **Also hot tea and oatmeal are godsends!

Things I was happy to accomplish:   I was very happy to keep my family somewhat fed and mostly alive (because we all felt a little zombie-like to tell the truth…) while we had the flu this week. I also managed to wash the altar linens and get them back to church before we got too bad (God was truly on my side) and I kept up with the dishes/laundry/cleaning despite being awfully sick. **I remember reading somewhere how important it is to get up as much as possible when you have the flu, so you can avoid getting pneumonia….although that could be an old wives’ tale???

What I am looking forward to next week:  

-I am looking forward to getting back on track with my exercise goals next week.

-I also did a lot of reading on alternative homeschooling ideas, so I hope to implement some of them over the next few weeks.

-I also hope to take my daughter to see the new Little Women movie on Tuesday (aka cheap day at the theater!) We both love the book and all of the older movies, so I am sure that we will love this one as well. **Fun fact: My daughter played Meg March in a play adaptation of the book a few years back.

Funny things that happened this week:   

1. My daughter asked me if I was sure she did not have tuberculosis.

2. The perils of being the only one to feel well:

Ben: Since no one will play with me, I am going to play I Spy by myself.

{Looking out the window for a few seconds}

Ben: Found it!

**My husband said that was the saddest story ever:)

3. This article on CNN about how one amorous tortoise saved his whole species (no joke!) was a very amusing read. The journalist took all kinds of liberties making this a cute and very humorous story!


Have a great week!

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