Favorite things

Things I am loving lately

1. Percy Jackson

If you enjoy nice, clean and captivating adventure stories definitely check out the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. This was the third time I have read the series all the way through and I absolutely loved it once again. **After you read that series, then you should definitely check out the The Heroes of Olympus series by the same author because it is just as good in my opinion and will keep you in good books for a good long while….unless you are a binge reader like me:)

2. What should I read next? with Anne Bogel

One night while washing dishes, I decided to try out a new podcast that I had heard about again and again….and absolutely loved it! It is called What should I read next? and is put on by Anne Bogel (aka the Modern Mrs. Darcy) The podcasts are not too terribly long and always feature a self proclaimed book nerd or author that share a little about their reading lives. I really like how Anne runs the show because it is always focused on books and nothing more, so there are no real agendas being pushed (which is simply awesome). In each episode, Anne first asks the guest to tell how they fell in love with reading, then goes on to ask what their top three favorite books of all time are and then has the guest name at least one book they absolutely hated (some of the books are really surprising!) I always manage to get at least one good book recommendation for myself per episode, so this will really help to keep my reading life vibrant (and full) this year.

3. Mixed baby potatoes

See the source image

Aldi had these bags of purple, red and Yukon varieties of baby potatoes on sale this week. They looked interesting and since I am trying to up my veggie intake, I bought a pack to try out at home. They were delicious! I cut them in half and then roasted them in the oven while I was baking a chicken and we scarfed them down (make sure you cover them in oil and garlic salt first…yum, yum) It was nice to try something a little different and who doesn’t love a good roasted potato? **I didn’t really notice a big flavor difference between the different varieties, but the textures did vary slightly in a good way. 

What are you loving lately??



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