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DIY Charm Bracelet

I try to make my children at least one Christmas gift each year because I think it makes them feel special knowing I spent time (and effort) on creating a personalized gift with their unique interests in mind. For Emma this year, I decided to make her a charm bracelet with a theatre theme. She has been in many plays over the past few years, so I thought a cute idea would be to pick a charm to represent each play she has been in so she can have a keepsake to remember them by.

Just in case you were wondering what each charm was for (starting with the winged clock and moving counterclockwise): Clock –Borrowed Time, Peas – The Princess and the Pea, Snoopy – A Charlie Brown Christmas, Angel Wing – It’s a Wonderful Life, Cowboy Hat – Annie Get Your Gun, Christmas Bells – A Christmas Carol, Little Women book – Little Women, Diamond Ring – Mystery at Shady Acres, Red heart/ book – Alice in Wonderland

This was a relatively frugal gift. Since Emma will not be wearing the bracelet, I didn’t have to buy an expensive one, so I got one on sale for $2 at Hobby Lobby. I also bought almost all of the charms at Hobby Lobby when they were having a 50% off sale, so the charms averaged out to be just under $2 each. **I couldn’t find two of the charms at my store, so my mother in law offered to look at her store and actually found them during the sale as well!

I threw away my receipts before I could add up all of the costs, but I think I spent under $25 for the entire bracelet (tools and jump rings included).

Here is a breakdown of the costs:

Nine charms = ~$16

Charm bracelet = $2

Jewelry pliers = $5

Jump rings = $2

**I highly recommend buying an actual jewelry plier because it made the job a breeze. The one I picked up at Walmart was a multi-tool plier, so it had a rubber needle nose tip, wire cutters, and a gripper all in one.

Overall, this was a really simple gift to make. And the best part is that I really think Emma will love this gift and will be thrilled to keep on adding new charms as she completes more plays in the future.


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