Frugal Accomplishments

Frugal Things

1. Thrift store finds

xmas tree2

We found a lot of great deals at the thrift store this week. I found a Dell computer case for just $4 and it was in perfect condition! Since I adapted my china cabinet into a storage space in my living room, we actually have somewhere to hang stockings now, so we were happy to find two cute stocking holders for just $2 each (we liked that they were “silver and gold” just like the song from Rudolph) Then, while I was looking for a backpack, I found a carry on suitcase for just $3 and of course it was in perfect condition. Finally, we picked up a couple of nice hardback children’s books to give as gifts to my niece and nephew.

2. Using up gift cards

I did really well on using up some of our old gift cards. This week, the kids picked out a few things at Books a Million with their remaining balances (I think they may even have enough for one more book as well) Then, I ordered some gourmet bacon with another gift card that I had been holding on to for awhile now. And finally, I took Ben out for his outing and used up a old McDonald’s gift card from two Christmases ago.

3. Cheap outing

I mentioned in #2 that my son and I used a gift card for our breakfast out this week so that was a nice frugal treat. Another fun (and free) thing that my son loves to do on his outings, is to go and play the Nintendo Switch at Gamestop, so that was what we did after our free breakfast:)

4. College textbooks

My daughter is taking dual enrollment classes next semester again, so we decided to try and find the books earlier in hopes that we can buy directly from another student. After logging into the bookstore site, we realized that she already had two of the four books she needs next semester (yay!) So I hopped onto Facebook Marketplace to see if any local students were selling the other two and we lucked out and found one right away for cheaper than the selling price on Amazon. **We even met up with the seller so we didn’t have to pay a shipping fee.

5. Christmas decorations

xmas tree

I forget how many years we have had our tree but we are once again reusing it for this Christmas season (as well as all of the other decorations we put up again and again) **I think my mom may have even picked it up from the side of the road all those many years ago!! It still works perfectly fine, but we do have to put a small book under one of the legs to make it even…it’s the memories that count!

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