Goals Update for Week 49

1. Walk at least 500 miles this year (486 down and 14 to go)

I got better at mixing up my workouts over the past two weeks, so now I am actually feeling slightly sore the morning after. *I think that means that I am working different things??

2. Read two nonfiction or classic books each month

A Christmas Carol

This week I plan on reading A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

3. Have two family game nights every month

Not yet.

4. Complete two home improvement or maintenance projects each month

This month I am hoping to clean out under our staircase (its very scary under there!) and reorganize my utility room.

5. Take each of my children on an outing by themselves every month (one down and one to go)

This week I took my son out for breakfast at McDonald’s and then we headed over to play the Nintendo Switch at Gamestop. Since we were already near the thrift store we decided to let that be our last stop and wound up finding a lot of great deals.

6. Finish editing and publish my NaNoWriMo novel Accomplished!!

If you like cozy historical mysteries, check out Murder at Kelsey Hall

Murder at Kelsey Hall: A Novella

7. Try two new recipes each month (one down and one to go)

I tried out a blueberry flaxseed muffin this past week. It was okay tasting, but the butter separated from the batter after I cooked it and let it cool. I think the absence of real flour may have affected the butter absorption because I only used almond flour and flaxseed meal (both do not absorb liquids well) **I think I am going to tweak the recipe a bit before I decide to share it.


Have a great week!

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