Goal Updates for Week 44

**Besides one huge goal being completed, this was probably my worst month this year, as far as goals go, at least. Luckily there is always next month!

1. Walk at least 500 miles this year (443 down and 57 to go)

These past few weeks, I have walked, swam, and otherwise exercised myself to 443 miles for the year. **I forget how important it is to cross train until I do something I haven’t done for a long time (aka elliptical machine) and become extremely sore the next day….

2. Read two nonfiction or classic books each month (I only finished one book in these categories during October, the rest were all contemporary fiction….)

I read The Blue Castle and loved it!

3. Have two family game nights each month Accomplished

During October, we played Long Cow, Cadoo, and Sorry during our two family game nights.

Each Christmas, we get 1 or 2 new family games to add to our collection that we open on Christmas Eve to play after dinner (My kids really look forward to this tradition each year) If your family loves to play games or you are simply looking for ways to spend more time together, I highly recommend the tradition of family game nights. **I also plan on doing a post of all our favorite family games later this week, so come back to check it out.

4. Complete two home improvement projects each month (failed!)

I totally bombed on this goal for the month. But…..I do have plans for next month!

5. Take each of my children on an outing by themselves (50% success rate)

This month, I took Ben to McDonald’s to enjoy a breakfast out and then we went to the thrift store. Emma sadly did not get an outing during October, but hopefully I will make up for it this month.

6. Finish editing and publish my NaNoWriMo novel  Accomplished!!!!!!!!

Murder at Kelsey Hall by [Schroer, Elizabeth]

I finally finished Murder at Kelsey Hall and summitted it as an eBook on Amazon on October 31st. Editing is no joke, people! I could edit for years and years and never be happy, so I just went thru the novel one last time and stopped (this was after 4+ rounds of editing….)

*I picked October 31st as my deadline to finish it because this year’s NaNoWriMo began on November 1st and I wanted to torture myself again:)

**If you are into comedic mysteries with a hint of romance check out my book. Oh, and if you have Kindle Unlimited its free!!

7. Try out two new recipes each month (I tried out one…)

I only got around to trying out one new recipe this month but it was a definite keeper.


If you are still keeping up with your New Year Goals, I would love to hear about them!

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