Goal Update for Week 30

1. Walk at least 500 miles this year (303 down and 197 to go)

And just like that I am down to less than 200 miles left in this challenge. This week I complete 10 miles by taking a Zumba class and doing a lot of new Bodyfit by Amy videos on YouTube.

2. Read two nonfiction or classic books each month Accomplished

This month I read Maid by Stephanie Land and Becoming by Michelle Obama for my two new books. **Both were really good if you enjoy memoir-type books.

3. Have two family game nights each month Accomplished

This week we have a family tournament of Mario Kart for our family game night. **I came in last place because someone kept either shrinking me repeatedly or hitting me with turtle shells….I am not whining or anything:)

4. Complete two home improvement projects each month  Accomplished

This month:

  • I cleaned out and reorganized our filing cabinet (it is so neat and tidy now!)
  • My husband washed our home’s vinyl siding, so now it is nice and sparkly clean again.

5. Take each of my children on an outing by themselves every month Accomplished

  • I took Ben to see Secret Lives of Pets 2 (a really cute movie)
  • My husband and I took Emma out to eat at Mellow Mushroom this past week. They also had a drawing competition going on so we each had to draw our interpretation of The Lion King while we waited for our dinner to arrive (we didn’t win)

6. Edit and publish my NaNoWriMo book this year

I sent out my latest, most updated version of my novel to a few test readers a little over a week ago. I have received a lot of good feedback, suggestions, and typos that they have caught and have been noting each one on my hard copy. Once all the readers have sent me their comments, I should be able to go back in and tweak the novel a bit more before I submit it for publishing. It is so exciting to almost be done with this thing!

7. Try two new recipes each month

This month I only got around to trying out one new recipe, which was the delicious Creamy Chicken Enchiladas I shared with you last week. Definitely a keeper.


**You might have noticed that I have dropped two of my goals from my original list.

#1. I have decided that I do not have the time to take on learning how to knit and crochet this year after all. I do plan on eventually learning those skills, but I just can’t seem to find the time to fit everything in right now.

#2. I also dropped the Buy Nothing New Challenge. I still plan on buying mostly used items, but since I have been doing this challenge for almost two years now, I just really need to replace somethings in my wardrobe. So while I am cutting this goal out for the  rest of the year, I have learned a lot of really good lessons from buying only used items that I hope to carry on with in my life.


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