Goal Update for Week 27

1. Walk at least 500 miles this year (276 down and 224 to go)

This week I completed 11 miles by doing Body fit by Amy videos on YouTube, taking a Zumba class with my daughter, trying out a new class called Pound at the gym(I’d compare it to a Pilates/yoga type class using drumsticks to keep the beat), and walking outside in this horrid Alabama weather.

2. Read two nonfiction or classic books each month

Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother's Will to Survive

This week, I read the novel Maid by Stephanie Land. This story follows a young unwed mother through her journey on welfare and eventually finding a way out of the poverty cycle. It was a really well-written book, but it depressed me quite a bit. (If you read Educated and liked it, then you should like this book as well) I know a lot of people like these depressing true story tales, but they just really get me down. I have hated the majority of the Oprah Book Club selections for this very reason. Why is a book considered a must read, when they are so depressing? Isn’t life depressing enough? Movies are the same way. How many Oscar winning films are dark and depressing? I would wager over 75% of them…**This was my only complaint about this book though. I really appreciated her honesty about the trials that the poor face and how she shed light on all the stigmas that come along with being caught up in the poverty cycle.

3. Try to buy nothing new this year

We have been assembling Emma’s costume for her role in Annie Get Your Gun over the past few weeks. Luckily we have found most of the pieces at either the thrift store or have borrowed them from someone else. However, we could not find a suitable cowboy hat or a pair of opera gloves anywhere, so we fell back on our beloved Amazon to buy both. **Don’t worry the cowboy hat and gloves will not be worn at the same time!

4. Take each of my children on an outing by themselves every month

He took a pet with him:)

This week I took Ben to see The Secret Life of Pets 2 at the theater. By going on the bargain priced day and redeeming a free movie ticket coupon as well, this turned out to be a really affordable outing for us. **The movie was adorable and hilarious!

5. Have two family game nights each month

Not yet

6. Do two home improvements each month

Not yet

7. Edit and publish my NaNoWriMo novel this year

I have finally finished editing the entire novel (Phew!) and will be sending it out to a few friends this week to get some feedback on the plotline and the clarity of the story. **I still need to work on the cover art for the book, but overall I am still loving this whole novel writing experience. In fact, I already have a few ideas for the next book in the series.

8. Learn to knit and crochet this year

No progress..

9. Try out two new low carb or gluten free recipes each month

I found a recipe for a sausage alfredo zoodle dish that I plan on trying out this week. It looks both easy and delicious…which is a good combination in my book.


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