Goal Update for Week 22

1. Walk at least 500 miles this year (221 down and 279 to go)

I walked ten miles this week by doing my favorite BodyFit by Amy videos on YouTube, walked 4 miles with my husband at a local track, and took a Zumba Class.

2. Read two nonfiction or classic books each month Accomplished

At Home in the World: Reflections on Belonging While Wandering the Globe      The Essential Oils Hormone Solution: Reclaim Your Energy and Focus and Lose Weight Naturally

During the month of May, I read At Home in the World and The Essential Oils Hormone Solution. Two very different books, but interesting in their own ways. **I also read a ton of historical romance and mystery books.

3. Try to buy nothing new this year

Nothing new was bought this week

4. Take each of my children on an outing by themselves every month Accomplished


This month I took Emma out to eat Mexican food and to shop for a dress for a wedding she was in. Ben chose to see Detective Pikachu and scarfed down a small popcorn/drink combo as well.

5. Have two family game nights each month Accomplished

We actually had three game nights this month. Ben asked to play Sorry and Long Cow this past week, so of course we said yes (Ben won Long Cow and I won Sorry)

6. Complete two home improvement projects each month

I completely failed at this goal. **I do plan on doing multiple projects while my kids are gone to visit their grandparents this next weekend, so hopefully I will be able to play catch up on this goal.

7. Finish editing and finally publish my 2018 NaNoWriMo novel this year

I actually made a lot of progress on this goal finally. I went back and left some clues as to who the killer was in earlier chapters and added in some false leads to create more interest as well. All I have left to do is to finish the final chapter and figure out a cover design. I am leaning towards a silhouette of some sort with a lady in front of a manor in the rain, but I may completely change my mind…it has been known to happen:)

8. Learn to knit and crochet

No progress

9. Try out two new low carb or gluten free recipes each month  Accomplished

gf biscuits

This month I found a really great GF biscuit recipe that I used to make pigs in a blanket for my kids and a rather interesting cookie dough recipe made from white beans. **My son will not eat vegetables (at all), so I am resorting to hiding them in random foods in hopes that he will not notice. So far so good.


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